Old Town video

We visited the Royal Castle yesterday and I took a video to give you a glimpse of Warsaw’s old town area as well as highlighting my daughter’s talent for drama and wife’s impatience for videos!

You also get a glimpse of the new National Stadium rising from the ashes of the Russian Bazaar on the other side of the river.

You wouldn’t get this from Spielberg you know.

The new stadium is really quite impressive. The size of it and it’s location give the impression of a giant alien ship landed in town. I’ve seen big stadiums before, most recently Wembley in London and Bernabeu in Madrid and whilst they are obviously huge they don’t dominate the scenery anywhere near as much as this one does. It’s going to be very impressive at night with spotlights or other lighting effects. Can’t wait.

The castle is less impressive, it has to be said. Unless you really need to tick it off your list I wouldn’t bother. Bunch of rooms decorated in the usual bad taste of the age – marble, plush wallpaper, gold leaf, murals, – creaky floors, some uncomfortable looking furniture and plenty of sour-faced ladies to tell you not to touch stuff.

They had a widely advertised exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci, which is in fact one painting – Lady with an Ermine. That’s it, no more Leonardo but there is a Rembrandt, just the one of those as well. Hardly an ‘exhibition’ really and a bit mean to neglect Rembrandt as he’s a match for Leo when it comes to quantity of artworks on display! Both works have been borrowed from Krakow, so not exactly anything new to Poland either. Still, an ermine is an ermine when all’s said and done.

What do you call an ‘exhibition’ that contains one painting? A tinybition?

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