Killing trees for fun

I had the pleasure, if that’s the word, of using the London Underground (tube) the last two days. As my district line train trundled its way towards Richmond station the carriage emptied of people and as they did, the mess they left behind became pretty obvious as you can see.

The headline could not be more appropriate, “PATHETIC”.

The whole carriage looked pretty much the same as this corner does, no doubt the whole train. If you multiply this waste up to embrace the entire tube network every day it must amount to a small forest of discarded newsprint.

Hardly surprising given the number of folks shoving free papers in your hands at every tube station. Take them, read for 5 minutes, throw on the floor. I can’t help feeling this is a dreadful waste of resources, recycled or not, and to what end? Just so a few people can do even more advertising and a few newspaper printers can make a bit more dosh. Surely there’s a better way than this?

Is it the same on Warsaw’s metro? I know there are the free papers so in the end the same waste on (a much smaller scale) but are they just thrown on the floor like this when people have finished reading them?

Mind you, in defence of the Brits, it’s not easy to dispose of waste in London, which leaves you carrying your waste around with you for as long as it takes you to get either home or to the office. That’s because there are NO trash bins in London – anywhere – I mean NO trash bins – at all.

It’s a hang over from the days when bombs were put into waste bins and now with even more terrorists to worry about the authorities have clearly decided they’d rather have rubbish on the streets/tube/everywhere than provide nice hiding places for bombs. Not that London is short of bomb hiding places even without trash bins! One small example – on my last trip I bought a sandwich and bottle of juice on arrival at T5 and consumed them while on the Heathrow Express. There was nowhere to put my rubbish in the train, nor at Paddington, nor outside Paddington, nor on the tube, nor on the walk from tube to office. So, the rubbish bought at T5 ended up in the bin at our office in the City. I think that’s a bit silly to be honest.


6 thoughts on “Killing trees for fun

  1. They removed trash bins from out parks here in Rochester to cut cost of trash pickup. Result…..garbage left all over the place. Not a pretty site. Their reasoning was we take our trash with us. Not everyone does this or leaves it in someone else’s trash bin only to have that person pay for their trash pick up. At least papers on a train can be recycled by the next load of commuters. No can do for lugging along food trash..yuk.

  2. When I was in Heathrow’s ladies room, there must have been an alarm on the bottom of the receptacle inside of the stall. As soon as I’d left and was washing my hands, an amazon woman guard at least 6’5″ walked in and went right to it, feigning like she was pulling tissue to blow her nose (yeah, right) from that particular stall, but instead of a bomb they would find only enough of my DNA to keep a score of scientists busy on a genome project for the next thirty years. There had been no way for me to dispose of the lot of women’s supplies from the airport or on the flight. They might have preferred a bomb to the collection they found. Still, there was no brown paper bag inside of the receptacle and there was also no toilet seat covers. Lousy!

  3. Thanks for this reminder of one of London life. Were there still the group of cleaners waiting to clear it all up as soon as the train arrived at Richmond?

  4. So far I haven’t seen a single piece of litter on the Metro once. In addition the tube carriages are clean! The Poles are spoilt subterranean travellers, to be sure.

    Just before I left London for Warsaw the new Victoria line trains came into service (I used the Vicky line daily) and even the communal sharing of papers – by placing it behind your seat for the next passenger – had to end because they’ve reduced the seats to buttock breaking perches without gaps for papers and so on.

  5. Steve – didn’t notice them but I wasn’t looking very hard. I suppose you have a point, they may well clean them each time the reach the end of the line.

    Paddy – not good. Oh to have the network of the tube and the cleanliness of the metro!

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