Blog Sale – photographic

You’ve heard of garage sales, yard sales and car boot sales but is this the world’s first blog sale?

I mentioned in the last post that I intend to sell all my other camera equipment, well here it all is:


Specifically, what is available for sale is:


  • Nikon F100 – film camera
  • Nikon D70 – 6 megapixel digital SLR, with 1GB SanDisk Ultra II compact flash memory card.
  • Nikon D80 – 10.2 megapixel digital SLR, with 8GB SanDisk Ultra II SD memory card – SOLD
  • Canon G9 – 12.1 megapixel digital (advanced) compact, with 2GB Kingston SD memory card and spare 1GB card.





  • Nikon MC-20 cable remote
  • Assorted bags – mostly Lowepro
  • Assorted straps
  • Chargers
  • Original boxes and papers (for most things)

I also have a good projector, stand and screen for viewing slides and also an averagely good light box. If anyone is serious keen to get their hands on that lot and start boring the pants off the family with slide shows then I’d consider letting those go too.

I’ve not thought about prices yet or whether to sell separately or as packages. Roughly speaking the price of the equivalent item on Allegro / Ebay is a good guide.

All the equipment is in good to very good condition, I look after it and have never really given any of it a serious workout in extreme conditions. None of it has been dropped or banged in any way.The F100 is what I would call mint condition and the D80 with 18-200 lens are close to the same.

The D70 suffered the BGLOD “blinking green light of death”, as did all of the early models. It was fixed by Nikon and worked perfectly ever since. It was something like a loose electrical connection if memory serves. Anyway, the good point is that it had the problem and was fixed so it won’t happen to you if you buy the thing! The 18-70 lens suffered a very slight leaking baby-Zosia juice attack but that was also fixed by Nikon and works fine.

When I get the time to work out prices and packaging it is all going on Allegro but if anyone wants anything, shout out now and I’m sure we can do a deal – special discounts for blog readers! :)


14 thoughts on “Blog Sale – photographic

  1. just becareful with the sales. I have been trying to sell my Nikon for sometime now on Craigslist. (I’m guessing Allegro is more like Ebay?) There are lots of people out there that scam you. They say they want your items and will even send you a x-tra check to hold item. Paypal not 100% guaranteed with these theifs either. (quite a few times I got excited thinking I’m finally selling my stuff) Good thing I listen to my gut feelings and check things out first. Now…I tell everyone…cash and carry only and that would mean local…so the only thing I need to worry about is Jack the Ripper coming to my house so all sales at a local Starbucks in public.

  2. What would I like?

    The F100 for sentimental reasons. The D70 and D80 – convert one to infra-red and use the other as a second lens carrying camera. The 18-200 – great all rounder – since nearly all my glass has been attacked by mould (poor storage it seems) and another sb600 probably wouldn’t hurt either.

    What can I afford? Diddley squat!

    Good luck with the selling . If there’s anything left at the end let me know – I might stretch for a decent camera bag to replace my oldy :)

  3. I can wholeheartedly recommend the D80 with 18-200mm lens as a solid all-round digital SLR solution for the blogger. Getting on a bit, technology-wise, but if Scatts lets it go at a sensible price, a good buy. The D80 will serve well for years.

  4. Sorry to be stupid, but are the focal length figures in your lens listing already converted to 35mm equivalents or does one need to apply a factor (eg, x1.6)?

  5. I saw you as more of an ‘assorted straps’ kind of guy.

    Congratulations! Your bid has been accepted. Please transfer the funds to account number 0001114445558883

  6. This should really have gone with the last post, but I haven’t looked for a few days. I am just dying to know what happened. On Polandian, you told us of a Sony shop apparently trying to sell you an unreleased product at discount prices. Suddenly you have the camera without further comment. Did they have a stock of unofficial imports, my favourite theory, or was it just an overly eager salesman?

  7. Steve,

    I don’t think they were trying to sell an ‘unreleased’ product but one that had only just been released and had not been entered into their computer sales systems yet. So in your terms an over-eager salesman.

    They called a few days later and said it was now in the system and I could go and buy it, so I did. I still got a good discount, by Polish standards.

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