Zlote Tarasy oddities

Odd the things you find around Zlote T.

There’s this bike that has been sitting there tied to the tree support for weeks on end now. Like an obedient dog it sits there abandoned and waiting for its owner to return. By the looks of the bike I’d say female, fairly young and thinks she’s trendy, these ‘old fashioned’ bikes are as popular as wellingtons these days! Where is she? On a long trip having left Warsaw from the rail station just around the corner? Lost in the maze of underground shops? Lying in a hospital bed somewhere? Or did she and the bicycle have an argument and she just left it there to teach it a lesson? Who’s to know, but nice to see it’s not been stolen….yet.

Then there’s the balloons. You know those bastards that come around and leave greeting cards under your windscreen wipers with pictures of naked women on them? Well now they have advanced to balloons! These were advertising an office block come conference centre. I saw the guys who were responsible for this car-spamming. They were driving around in a van filled to the brim with already blown-up balloons. Just shows how very few brain cells these morons have. You could have fitted enough empty balloons and string to annoy the whole of Warsaw plus a couple of cylinders of gas in the back of this van, instead they were carrying perhaps 50 balloons, maximum, then they had to go back to moron-central to load up again.


2 thoughts on “Zlote Tarasy oddities

  1. My fixed-wheel bike was originally a Trek 800 chained to railings by Centre Point in London where I worked for many years, many years ago. The bike was abandoned by its owner; first, the wheels got nicked, then the pedals, then saddle, seatpost, handlebar, front fork, front and rear derailleur gears, chain… after a few months, all that was left was the frame. I could see it from my office window; week after week there’d be less of it. Once stripped, the frame was left by its former owner, most probably a foreign student.

    One fine day, some workmen came to tart up the environment. I popped down from my office high up on the tower and said to the foreman: “Here’s a tenner to free this bicycle frame from its shackles”. Half an hour later, with a heavy-duty bolt-cutter, the chain was severed and the bicycle frame mine.

    Scatts – should you ever need a second bike for your missus, keep an eye on this bike. When the wheels and saddle and gears and handlebars have all gone, treat it as yours. But then, this is Warsaw, not London; my guess is it will stay as is for a long time yet.

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