I finally get it!

For the first time, last week, I noticed at least four people with their posing dials set to warp factor 4 as they occupied the most prominent Zlote T cafe seats and played with their iPads. I expect this is only going to get worse from here on as the iPad is shortly to make an entrance to the Polish market and then there will be no stopping them!

Keen to get an insight into this fashionable world of pod, pad and phone and even keener to find a device to accompany us on holiday this year I bought an iPod Touch 32GB just before we left and loaded it up with assorted ‘apps’ from the iStore. The iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone but without the phone part, which brings the benefit of making it thinner and lighter. The one we have was the latest available in Poland at the time, with iOS 4, retina display and such forth but I see on the US website the very latest model has added a camera front and back to allow ‘face time’ video calls and the ability to take pictures and videos. A good move I think as the one thing it most obviously missed was a camera to make the most of the photo viewing and video display abilities.

Having spent some time with thing I can now say that I finally ‘get’ what all the fuss is about, it is an excellent device and as it shares almost everything with the phone and pad I’m sure they are equally good. On holiday, it allowed us to do almost everything we wanted to and more. For example, in Santa Cruz while sat at a cafe I borrowed an unlocked wi-fi signal to find out exactly where we were using Google Maps and look up the opening hours and address of a place we wanted to visit. All holiday I could stay on top of mail, share prices, blogs and so on and the music, video and games filled any empty time we had. I can recommend ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Cat Physics’ by the way! The only downside is that some of the features rely on internet access and you only have that if you’re near a wi-fi signal. The iPhone has the advantage that it is always connected, at a price.

Having used the iPod touch now, I don’t think we need the size that an iPad will bring. I’d say the ‘perfect’ device would be something like the very latest iPod touch but a max of about 50% larger and with non-stop connection to the www. It also needs connectivity so you could download photos from a camera or connect to an internet cable in a hotel, for example.

Coming back home to my Blackberry has been a serious step backwards, tiny screen, bumbling around with fiddly mini-keys, slow, unattractive and utter crap at internet. It really is a cow-pat, so much so that I’m delighted that my Blackberry is showing signs of falling apart and I’m hunting for something to replace it along the lines of the iPhone. Sadly, the iPhone will not work with Blackberry Connect software and so is out of the question as a work device and I refuse to carry around two. I also need to choose something that is available from Era as that’s our company’s network. This leaves me with a pretty small choice but I’ve got my eyes on one of the HTC devices they have, either the HD2 or the Desire. The first runs Windows Mobile 6-7 and the latter runs Android 2.1.

I’m not sure yet whether I can get one of these to work with Blackberry Connect but I seriously hope I can. Rumour has it that there is a version of Blackberry Connect that works with Windows Mobile 6-7 and that with a little buggering around you can get the HD2 to handle work emails. Fingers crossed. If anyone out there has any suggestions or better knowledge on this then please leave a comment. It’s a real pity that Apple have taken over from Microsoft in terms of what they won’t allow you to do, an iPhone that does Blackberry work mail & calendar sync would be a world-beater, as would a slightly smaller iPad that allows you to do everything you want, not just what Apple think you should be doing.

I do like this Apple stuff but I fear their attitude will be their downfall. Perhaps Microsoft won this battle after all.


11 thoughts on “I finally get it!

  1. ha! Yes, it continues but I’ve done nothing since the post as I simply have not had the time. Funnily enough, I have time tomorrow BUT THEY ARE CLOSED!!!!!

    Maybe Thursday I’ll go to Długa 5.

  2. I finally went to a 3G android app phone “Vibrant”–a step up–with the same company since I was already committed to their plan. It has Swype touch, which is so much easier for me than learning the thumbs keyboard, and it’s fast. It came loaded with a bunch of apps and I haven’t added any extra ones yet but will do at some point. Am loving it so far.

  3. there is a rumor that Facebook is looking to put out a smartphone (one for you backpocket while playing with iphone) everyone wants a piece of the pie

  4. Good to see that the Mac kit is getting such widespread acclaim Scatts.
    I don’t need such exotic phones these days as but swapped an ageing Nokia for a brightly coloured HTC Desire last month. just ‘cos I fancied it!

    Lots of ‘Apps’ and pretty pictures but, and it’s a big BUTIt won’t ‘Auto answer’ an incoming call when connected to the Motorola Bluetooth Hands free ( HD850 for the pedantic amongst us) in my trusty Citroen C5. After a short search on’t web, I found a suitable App and duly installed it. This DOES work BUT once again. not 100 %.. it opens up an incoming call but then reverts the caller’s voice to the tiny and tinny speakers of the phone and NOT to the large 8 ohms speaker waiting unused in the footwell …. Basic technology ignored again. UK driving laws now forbid use of a hand held mobile whilst driving ( Eminently sensible IMV) thus putting the onus onto manufacturers to build these systems into their products.

  5. It’s a small world! I just found you on LinkedIn and I see what you mean. :)

    One reason I try to keep work out of my blog!

    We should meet up sometime and compare notes, something I’ve been meaning to organise for ages now in fact.

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