Back home!

We’re back. I’ve put the 300 photos and 30 minutes of video on the Mac and now have to find the time to process them and write some more posts. Gawd!

Nice to be home, even if it is a bit cloudier, windier and rainier than we’ve been used to. I think the test of a holiday is if you feel like you’ve been “out of it” for a while and on that scale this holiday seems to have worked.

Having spent far too long enjoying the giant-wave-machine at Siam Park’s excellent artificial beach a few days ago, I still hold the office of “Lord of the Lobsters” thanks to second degree burns to my entire body apart from trunk-area. The parts of the body that are often exposed (head, arms) are nicely tanned and those that aren’t, like the chest, are a bright luminous pink that hurts like hell! I think the idea is to do this on the second day, not the 12th….. Oh, well, you can call me Barbie.

Priority #1 – get back into Warsaw time-zone. Waking up at 10:50 is no damned good when Z has to be at school at 07:50!!

A teaser for you…….

Man: “I’m not telling you again, Tyson, get your blubber back in that pool and start performing tricks!”

Whale: “Let me ask you just one question, Jose, how attached are you to your left leg?”


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