Yesterday we tried very hard to buy stuff in Santa Cruz and failed miserably. Good news for the wallet, bad news for tourists looking for interesting shops.

We also visited Candelaria, the Czestochowa of Tenerife where the pilgrimages end and where they celebrate the island’s patron saint, Nuestra Senora de Candelaria, an altogether more humble patron than Poland’s choice of the mother of Jesus. The place was bedecked with the trappings of celebration as this is THE week for being nice to the patron. The wind off the Atlantic was fierce though.

In the evening we tried the “celebrated” La Estancia restaurant in Chayofa and it’s a long time since I’ve had such pretentious, overpriced and bad food. The reviews would lead you believe this is a great restaurant but let me save you some time and money, don’t bother going! Just having snails, shark and kangaroo on the menu doesn’t mean the chef is up to it. It’s a nice place, lots of famous visitors but that’s as far as it goes. Slow and average service, fancy but poor and overpriced food. A posers paradise and one to avoid.

Evidence that there is no God – if there was one I wouldn’t have to spend half my holiday re-charging the iPod, iPhone, camera, video camera, Blackberry………..


3 thoughts on “Charge!

  1. It might be evidence that there is a God but he has no time for the gizmos regarded by many as essential to life. :)

  2. I shall put this on my list of things to ask God as and when I meet him/her/it! It is a long list now so I shall probably need a gadget to allow me to transport the list to the “other side”. Let’s hope the “other side” has power sockets. ;)

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