Fish supper

Another lazy day around the villa and pool yesterday. Gave me time to catch up with blog comments and I see I’ve been berated for both my linguistic and driving skills in the last couple of days, oh well. Wonder what I can be accused of with this post – laziness in not having climbed Mount Teide yet perhaps? :-)

Popped into the local Iceland supermarket and managed to pick up a pork pie and some proper bangers, typical Canarian fare judging by the nationality of most of the residents.

In the evening we went to El Abrigo, tempted by the promise of an evening market every Tuesday from 18 to 22. We got there just before eight and half of the stalls were already packing up. What was left was a mix of ex-pat hippy types selling home-made jewellery and Africans selling junk. Not worth the trip just for the market but we were also in search of a grilled fish by the small harbour.

There are perhaps ten restaurants and bars gathered around the port and it’s a nice setting. Boats crashing, waves fishing, kids bobbing (Sangria alert – might have got that a bit mixed up).

In these situations, without any recommendation, my best decision is to let Marta choose. Instead, I mentioned that sometimes the best food is in the scruffiest looking place and so after eliminating the bars showing Spurs versus Young Boys of Berne we ended up in plastic chairs at a paper tablecloth.

The place was a family affair with dad applying his alzheimer talents to our order and daughter looking like she’d rather be anywhere else than working in a restaurant. After very long waits (the tide went in and out 3 times!) We eventually got a fish. Nothing else, just a fish, oh and some bread. It was a nice fish though, a big ugly red one. Star of the show it was, which is more than can be said for the crab salad of chopped-up crabsticks. The Greeks are way ahead on harbour-front eating so far but there’s time for Spain to catch up, I hope.

We enjoyed it despite the difficulties because Zosia was doing some great impressions of krewetki and other foodstuff. Amazing imaginations these 7 year olds have.

Today we’re giving our shoulders a break and avoiding the sun by visiting Santa Cruz and Candelaria.


2 thoughts on “Fish supper

  1. Scatts,

    In order to have driving skills from your adoptive country you have to be able to get the car to go 150Kph in 1st gear…..

    Have a great holiday, flying into Krakow tomorrow via Frankfurt and then Katowice.

    Wonder if the airport is as picturesque as the railway station?

    I’m in Warsaw 26th till fly back on 29th via Frankfurt, if you are back let me know as I’m staying at the Polonia Palace (got a great rate).

    Still think the best chance of meeting is running into each other at Frankfurt!


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