Going away

Well this morning we’re up and at ’em earlyish and ready for the long journey to Tenerife (via Frankfurt and Madrid).

The in-laws and various other down-and-outs will be taking care of the place & Nelson while we’re gone so it should be clean with healthy plants by the time we get back!

To be honest, we’re all very much looking forward to a holiday. It seems a long time since we had a break, even though it isn’t. I think these summer months take it out of you more than others do.

I hope to repeat last year’s running commentary via the Blackberry in which case there will be a lot more activity here than in recent times but if I don’t manage it – sorry!

Have a great time while we’re away and see you shortly.


5 thoughts on “Going away

  1. Don’t worry about us; just go and have a great time. (and now I have to go look up where Tenerife is) Enjoy your vacation. ;D

  2. Hopefully the pilot will fly in the right direction…and you will not land in Afghanistan :D From Warsaw to Afghanistan it is exactly the same distance. :D

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