“Defenders of the Cross” (my arse!)

Okay, enough is enough!

Today there were demonstrations, at times violent, outside the Presidential Palace in Warsaw where people had gathered to prevent the wooden cross that had been erected there at the time of the Smolensk tragedy from being moved elsewhere. It had already been agreed by the church, scouts (who erected it) and the future President that whilst the location was appropriate at the time of spontaneous grieving it was not appropriate now and therefore should be moved to a religious place and not left outside the home of a (supposedly) non-religious head of state. The plan was to take it on a pilgrimage to Częstochowa and then back to Warsaw to St Anne’s church, close to the Palace.

The demonstrators, no doubt encouraged by idiotic statements by opposition party PiS MPs, insisted that the cross should stay, that that location was “chosen by the people”. Some even want the whole Presidential Palace to be turned into a shrine in the memory of Lech Kaczyński. The confrontation between demonstrators and police grew increasingly violent until a Presidential spokesman confirmed that wimps run the administration by saying the cross will stay where it is until further notice. Kaczyński Lovers 2 – 0 Rest of Poland.

Kaczyński strikes again!

I was prepared to let this all rest. I was prepared not to wonder too much about what role Jarosław’s brother, or his henchmen at his bidding, had in his own death and that of so many others. I was prepared to let this sick farce run its course, to put tombs in Wawel and all the other nonsense that has happened and is happening so prematurely before any of us plebs are even allowed a grain of truth about what actually happened….but this is the last straw for me. This is bullsh*t on such a level as to be laughable. Now I want full disclosure, I want an investigation so damned deep and painful that everyone wishes they’d never been within a thousand kilometers of anything remotely involved with Smolensk. I want every single conspiracy theory investigated. I want every possible piece of evidence put on full public display. I want to know what they were saying in that cockpit. I want to know why they might have been saying it, on who’s authority they were saying it. If the Russian tower was at fault, I want to know that. Equally if it was the KGB or a Russian fog making machine or the CIA or Bin Laden or Gargamel. If not, I want to know that too. I want a thousand people working day and night and spending billions until the raw, hard, rotten truth is exposed, wide-open, blown apart and sod the bloody consequences.

If it turns out that there is “reasonable doubt” about any blame being attributed to Lech “Land this plane now dammit!” Kaczyński, then I’d like APPROPRIATE measures to be taken to commemorate him. I’d like a committee to be formed to decide properly, without any heat of the moment, spur of the moment, Smolensk tragedy, political, religious pressure on them, what exactly is an appropriate from Poland as an entire nation to this man as a dead President. A tomb here, a plaque there, a cross elsewhere, whatever it is but it needs to be to something this nation as a whole, the majority of the 38 million, not just Kaczyński fans, will find to be an appropriate response to what happened and to the people who died.

If it turns out otherwise, that people on the plane were to blame or at least contributed then I want that to be fully acknowledged and for equally appropriate action to be taken against them, whoever they may be. I want the history books to tell the truth. No more lies. Tell it like it is. Don’t let this fester because it will only get worse.

Most of all, I’d like to see a proper memorial to all the others who died on the plane. Those entirely blameless servants of Poland whose deaths have so unfortunately become entangled in this religio-political nonsense and whose memories appear, to those not personally involved, to have been relegated to the second class cabin by the relentless lobbying and eulogising on behalf of Kaczyński as if he was so much more worthy than anyone else just because he held the title of President.

I want religion to get the bloody hell out of politics once and for all. The two don’t mix, never have, never will, against the laws of nature. Poland is rubbish at even trying to mix them. The bloody Turks with 20 zillion Muslims and half a dozen “Europeans” do a better job of it than Poland does! Just look at today’s fiasco. The church were only too willing to jump in a while back and declare Wawel as being an appropriate burial place. They contributed to the decision to move the cross to St. Anne’s but today, when the sh*t hit the fan, what was their comment – “Nothing to do with us, it’s a political issue!”. Chickens! Bugger off back to your collection trays and leave the politicians to run the country.

Most of all, I want J. Kaczyński to GET OVER IT!!!!!!! You ran a crap government. You lost the Presidential race. Your brother died, that’s sad but let’s wait until we have some reason why that happened before we turn him into the next Mother Teresa shall we? There might be other nasty skeletons in your cupboard, who knows, who cares, just go away. I’m tired of you taking the moral high ground, making like the people, the country, justice, God is on your side in everything you decide you’d like to happen. I’m sick of the way you pretend to be trying to “unite” things when all you really want to do is get your own way even if it means destroying the country in the process. Where were you today, by the way? Conspicuously absent I see. I would have thought that a man like you, a man for the people of the people with the backing of commoners and clergy alike would be exactly the right man to make an appearance and tell your supporters out there on the streets to calm down. To prevent them getting pepper sprayed, arrested and beaten on your behalf. They were calling for you, Jarosław. Where were you? Even later, even now it might be appropriate to settle this mess. You’re probably the only man who can do it you know. Where are you, eh? Nowhere to be seen, that’s where! Probably sitting somewhere watching the telly with a big smile on your face. Or am I being unreasonable? You are divisive man who has done more to spoil this country in the time I’ve been here than anyone else has, by a very long margin, so please, it is time to give it a rest, go away, leave us in peace. You had a good run at it, you and your brother and it nearly worked. Take what you can and get out before it turns nasty because if today’s incident has annoyed me this much just think how much it’s annoyed people who really matter!

And you know what? Even if everything I’m saying is complete bollocks, even if you are actually a genuinely great guy, the only true protector of Poland, the problem you have is that I and a whole lot of proper Polish people (because let’s face it I really don’t count), don’t think you are. Ask yourself, why is that?

As for the limp-wristed pathetic excuse for a government cum President, I suggest you watch a few videos from the Thatcher era. She was a cow but she had bigger gonads than all of you guys put together. If a decision’s been made to move the cross, then move the damn thing! Don’t back down the minute a few sandal-wearers or mohair berets start shouting at you. Are you men or mice? You won the elections, you have the right to do this, it looks like the right thing to do to perhaps at least 75% of the population so go ahead and finish the job for heaven’s sake. What are you hoping for, to sneak in at 03:00 and do it while nobody is looking? We walked past at about 21:30 this evening after having dinner nearby and there was still a crowd there then, along with the poor sods who have to stand by for TVN and TVP, so any dead of night action is unlikely to be an easy way out. You’ve chickened out of a sad but necessary conflict, I’ll tell you now, one day you’re going to regret what you did today. Or rather what you didn’t do.

Sorry to go on but I really have had enough now. I needed to get this off my chest.

15 thoughts on ““Defenders of the Cross” (my arse!)

  1. Ha ha, Scatts you take it way too seriously.

    What you see there is just the typical Polish sense of humor. Poles simply love to create such drama and play funny or dramatic roles like this. Most of them do not even go to church or vote for Kaczynski. It was simply a perfect opportunity for them to act like a “Tadeusz Rejtan” or “Ryszard Siwiec”. It is a very small group BTW, and if you watch the news on regular basis then you will recognize their faces pretty easily and often. For example a couple weeks ago they were protesting against the gay parade…

    watch this for example…

    and next time, have some FUN ;) …

  2. For a wonderful example of religion in politics see the Republican Party in the US, perhaps Poland wants to be as loved as the US?

  3. An excellent rant.

    Unfortunately, I suppose, I have given up on ever trying to think of politics and religion as separate in Poland. They’re not and to pretend otherwise is, in my opinion, to be a bit delusional.

    One thing you are definitely right about: the politicians here are complete and utter pussies. Even Democrats in the US show a bit of backbone occasionally but these guys seem to have checked both their testicles and all of their bones (and some of the more sturdy cartilage) at the door when they entered into office. They shift with the slightest hint of a breeze, regardless of whether they are in the majority or not. The only politicians here who seem to be able to keep going in one consistent direction is PiS but, sadly, that direction is towards Assholeville with stops at Populisttown, Exploiting-Ignorant-Farmers-n-Grannies-upon-the-Wold and Grabthemoneyandrunland along the way.

    The real tragedy isn’t the stupid cross or the stupid dead president. It’s that focus has been pulled from the real issues – the economy, the justice system, decent wages for cops, doctors and teachers, decent roads for everyone, our lack of energy security, and staggering environmental issues, the mounds of paperwork and government bureaucracy.

    As the Poles say: that’s just how it is. That’s Poland.

  4. “It’s that focus has been pulled from the real issues”

    And that’s why the polticians are pretty smart and not “pussies” ;)

  5. America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and the Republicans are trying to keep the country from becoming a socialist, secular country. The question is, who is trying to take religion OUT of the picture. Who is trying to take the Pledge of Allegiance OUT of the schools. Who is trying to take copies of the Bible and crosses OUT of courthouses or State buildings? The Democrats. Look at our coins. They say, “In God We Trust.” God has been everywhere in the beginning since the founding of our country. The Republicans are trying to retain God. It is a sad world when the ones who have to defend themselves for retaining God are made out to be the “bad guys.”

  6. hear hear. For heaven’s sake: a small minority of hysterical extremists holding the whole country to ransom. Surely only possible since it’s ‘silly season’ and there’s nothing else on in the news?!

  7. Ian
    So did the cross get moved? I walked past the spot a few weeks ago and was wondering when/if it would all be moved someday.

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