Emilii Plater

Reconstruction of Emilii Plater, Warsaw

As you can see from the picture, work on the reconstruction of Emilii Plater got started today. Hallelujah!

It is spookily quiet in and around our office once you remove the usual hustle & bustle of traffic and associated people from both Emilii Plater and Złota, which is now a dead-end. That constant background noise is gone and replaced by the intermittent metal on cobble sounds as the JCB’s dig up the road and load it into trucks. I imagine the trucks then take the Emilii Plater cobbles off to a smaller city so they can upgrade from WWII tank tracks to used cobbles!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if you have a house, to repave your drive with Emilii Plater cobbles. Better than buying new ones, a little bit of Warsaw history in your own home.

Anyway, I hear the grand plans for a subterranean parking garage have been dropped and so we’ll have to wait and see exactly what this “remont” will involve. One thing for sure, it can’t be any worse than what was there before!


2 thoughts on “Emilii Plater

  1. The angle from which the picture was snapped suggests you work in Lumen. No wonder you don’t know the secret corridor!

    Emilii Plater is empty, but at the same time other streets around get jammed. Chaos usually creeps in when one throughfares is closed. The other thing is that putting up with the cobblestone was no longer possible.

    Luckily, at my office sounds of machines are not audible.

    Readers of 20 east! Watch out for the block of flats to the left. Seven dwellers of this building obstructed the construction of Złota 44. They demanded Orco bought their flats for 20,000 PLN per square metre, the developer refused to give. The skeleton of the skyscraper has been spooking there for almost two years now.

    Underground car park? Indeed, those plans have been ditched, where the car park used to be there will be a green belt. The road should also include a bus lane and cycling path. The beneficiaries of the whole undertakings will be owners of car parks outside PKiN and in Złote Tarasy – they charge repsectively 4.50 and 5.00 PLN per hour – more than it would cost in parking meters.

  2. Exactly! No secret corridors in my building.

    I think it should be pedestrianised, with trees, benches, a nice little tourist bazaar, a cafe, some street art & entertainment…… send the traffic elsewhere.

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