52 Poles drown over the weekend

I found this article quite amazing as well as rather sad. In a country that is the European record holder for deaths by car accidents they (we?) manage to top that statistic with deaths by swimming. On this basis we should be very glad the weather doesn’t get this hot too often. I imagine most of them were quite young as the causes of the deaths are unlikely to be attributed to more mature people.

More deaths have occurred by drowning than in car accidents over the past weekend. With a total count of 52 casualties in water accidents, this has been the most tragic weekend this summer. Police have recorded as many as 395 drowning cases since April. Swimming under the influence of alcohol, especially at sites unwatched by lifeguards, is the main reason behind the high number of accidents, states Kamila Szala from Warsaw police headquarters. Another cause of tragedies is bravado, says Szala, underlining that “despite our calls for caution, people are still behaving recklessly at bathing areas. We shouldn’t overestimate our capabilities and we should refrain from showing off our skills as well as diving in uncertain areas.”

The number of fatal water-related incidents is on the rise from year to year, with 468 death recorded in 2009, and over a dozen less the year before.

I don’t have any stats for such deaths in other countries but I’d be amazed if that many died in similar circumstances in the UK last weekend, for example, or even last year come to that!


2 thoughts on “52 Poles drown over the weekend

  1. Hilarious item on TVN Fakty (or maybe the other one) this evening: Camera crew is out with river rescue boat, river rescue find pissed guy floating in middle of river in a child’s inflatable dinghy: “Get out of the river, you could drown!” “Get lost, I swim in this *@%$* river every day and I never drown!” River rescue drag guy to river bank, where he promptly falls over.

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