Madrid T4

I’ve been in Madrid on business and whilst it is hot, 34C or so, it’s the first time I’ve been here when the climate was more comfortable than the places I came from, in this case Warsaw and Berlin. Both of those more northern cities were hotter and considerably stickier than it is here.

I’ve been using the relatively new terminal 4 to come in and out. It is a considerable improvement on the old terminal but is not without its problems. Foremost is the terrible job they’ve done on signage. It is not a complex structure, just a very long tube and I’m an experienced traveller but I have found myself needing to ask directions twice now. Firstly when the “exit” signs just petered out and secondly when it was not at all clear whether gate H2 existed or if it was actually gate J(number) in area H. Very confusing to say the least.

Being a very long building the walk time to some gates is given at over 20 minutes!!

Last real issue is whether the ground staff can handle this place or not. On the way here we were held on the tarmac in Berlin for 45 mins and then circled for another 15 when we got here. Various excuses were given, one of which was “not enough air traffic people at work today”.

Hardly surprising about the lack of staff as this was the day after the city of Madrid welcomed back the World Cup winning football team. I expect they (air traffic) were all sleeping after a long and boozy night.

On the culinary front I had baby eels for the first time last evening. I’d seen a TV programme where Ramsey went fishing at night for some kind of very small eel, worm things that were a very expensive delicacy. I’m pretty sure that’s what was mixed in with the parsley sauce that was poured over my Hake. The translation was simply “baby eels”. Very tasty.

To close, a photo to give some idea of the scale of the place taken from inside the delightful “wife for smoking” (well the Z might need an accent!).


2 thoughts on “Madrid T4

  1. Scatts my boy! You really should not attempt to pillory a sign written in a foreign language until you are certain of what it means in your own.

    A pedant writes…

    “Zona De Fumadores” simply means “Smokers’s Zone” or area set aside for the poor souls who are so weak that they can’t move more than a few hundred yards ( or metres) without filling their already dying lungs up to capacity with more and more poisonous smoke.

    Where you get “wife for smoking” from is anyone’s guess, perhaps your knowledge of Polish with its many hundreds of “Zs” leads you to believe that ‘wife’ in Spanish is spelt with a ‘Z’

    Doña ( Don-ya) = Madam ( or ‘Lady ‘as in a courtesy title)

    Esposa = Wife

    Mujer( Moo-hair) = Woman

    Travelling from Madrid’s Barajas Airport to San Javier ( Murcia) last year the ancient Turbo prop aircraft made a very bumpy landing. An old lady was exiting in front of me and as she passed the air stewardess she politely enquired in Spanish…. “Tell me young lady, did we land or were we shot down?” :-)

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