Whenever I see homeless people I often want to ask them how it came to be that they are sleeping on the streets. I’m sure the variety of answers would make an interesting documentary or book and I’ll bet there are some that do it because they choose to live that way, not necessarily because they have to.

Close to where my mother-in-law lives is a communal rubbish store for the nearby blocks, a concrete bunker at the end of a row of garages that houses a few large trash bins. For quite a while this was transformed into a luxury residence by one of Warsaw’s homeless. The trash bins were moved outside and he lived inside.

We often saw him picking through the rubbish when we visited babcia. He was a nice enough guy, always said dziendobry and didn’t seem to be stinking up the place or causing any trouble.

Well, he’s been evicted. Thankfully he made it through the winter but was asked to move out about a month ago. He tried staying in the area for a while, sleeping in the gardens but this was too close to the apartment windows and so the authorities were asked to move him on again.

I don’t know where he is sleeping now but the door to the rubbish store is locked. This eviction might be justified if the trash was now all inside and locked away but as you can see, it is not. So we have the same mess but one person is wandering the streets looking for a new place to rest his head.

Good luck to him!


3 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. Tom is fascinated by Hobos. When we went to London he was looking for Hobos more than the sights. He wonders why they are there and if it’s a choice. He finds the fact there are virtually no ladies unfair – assuming they get more help. I suspect it’s that more accept help as they feel unsafe but equally he may have a point.

    He is going back to London on a school trip and is already hoping to spot the guy close to the Natural History Museum he saw last time. He’d be very sad to hear that your matey boy has been moved on unnecessarily.

  2. Tom should visit San Francisco. You have to literally walk over the multitude of transients of which many are women. I think his fascination would probably end shortly thereafter. If he’s still interested, he can take a trip to Vancouver, B.C. where he will probably most likely be cured.

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