World Cup fever

As advertised, we’re spending a few days in the UK with the family.

The lead up to any major football tournament is never a good time to be here as the country goes a bit loopy. With the world cup only 9 days away we have arrived at the peak of this national football hysteria! I enjoy football, as well as any West Ham fan can, but for those who couldn’t give a monkeys this must all seem very silly indeed.

Everything is plastered with England flags (not British flags) and/or slogans. Cars are driving around (note there are still 9 days to go) adorned with flags, every shop has “Come on England” posters in the window and there must be 20% more products in the shops specifically produced for the world cup. Sales of 90″ flat-screen TVs and satellite packages are being promoted everywhere you go. An example of how far companies will go to cash in on the world cup fever is the frying pans emblazoned with English flags in the photo below. Last I heard, Tefal were French, still the world cup bacon must taste better from being fried in such a patriotic pan!

My prediction, for what its worth, is for an England exit at quarter final stage (or the first knock-out stage depending on the draw) and for Argentina to win the cup. Other teams doing well to be Spain, Brazil and Holland.

Some other photos:

A rather neglected “Oldest restaurant in Nottingham”. Probably too old and small to meet the plethora of regulations today. A little sad, if true.

Also sad in a way was the notice on the wall of the East Midlands Outlet Centre explaining that the homes of C19th miners were demolished to make way for this shopping paradise. Progress, eh?

Lastly, Zosia enjoying the bungee trampoline thing.

Back soon. Hope you’re all well!


3 thoughts on “World Cup fever

  1. Kinda sounds like our Super Bowl…football fans are crazy. Enjoy your visit in the UK. Always nice to visit home and old friends, neighborhood, family etc.

    Isn’t Tefal a French invention?

  2. I agree with your teams to do well, personally I think England will be quarters or semis (quarter should be against France according to my spreadsheet), Argentina I think would do well if they didn’t have someone with slightly more brainpower than Paul Gascoigne managing them.

    I’m flying into Warsaw on the date of England’s Last 16 game (assuming we win the group), any chance of you venturing out to watch it with myself and Dave Y?

  3. “A bit loopy” is an understatement for soccer fans, namely the hooligans! Do you get many of those?

    At first I was enamored with the pans, having just given my big frying pan to my youngest son who moved out. Then I realized I couldn’t live with a pan that had a flashy red flag emblazoned on the bottom of it. If it was engraved into the handle, that would be doable. I can’t really tell from the photo, though. It seems like it would throw everything off, cookingwise. No, I’ll have to pass on this most auspicious of items :-).

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