Sunshine at last

It seems a long time ago we heralded the coming of spring but since then the weather has been anything but spring-like with days of rain and cloud reminiscent of how it is in the UK all year round.

Today though is 20C and sunshine and everyone is hoping it’s going to stay that way. Good for us because we’ve got friends + kids coming round in about an hour and the adults can make the most of the terrace for drinkies whilst the kids join Zosia on the trampoline.

It’s not just Warsaw that has tardy good weather. I’ve been in Berlin and Stockholm this week and they have exactly the same complaint.

We’re off to the UK next week to see the family. First time in the UK for about 18 months. Aside from family and friends, it’s good to go from time to time to shop for things we can’t get here in Warsaw. The shopping lists are often quite weird. Here is how the current one is shaping up:

  • Sudafed kids – Boots
  • Folding glasses – Boots
  • Watch (Swiss railway) – John Lewis
  • Gravy granules – Tesco
  • Post my driving license
  • Slippers
  • Dress shop – Nottingham
  • Outlet store?
  • Gap jeans – Nottingham
  • “In Treatment” DVD
  • English books for Zosia


7 thoughts on “Sunshine at last

  1. Glad your weather is nice; it’s raining cats and dogs here and has been for a week.

    Enjoy your trip next week, too. I can’t really help you with the shopping list since I’m not British :-D. The only thing I came out of Britain with was a load of PG Tips and Yorkshire tea and packages of biscuits (what was I thinking?).

  2. My last return also brought back PG Tips -for my wife, who is Polish, not me, but I added scones and clotted cream – enjoyed by us all, but part of visiting England that my sister-in-law often recalls with fondness. More important was getting trousers: it is difficult to find my size (32 waist, 30 leg) in Poland. My wife and daughter always head for Monsoon when they come with me.

    I find the difficulty of buying slippers in Poland outside the foreign hypermarkets hard to understand, but then I don’t like wearing flip flops or hearing and seeing people unable to walk around the house normally, shuffling along the floor. Flat dwellers in the family find climbing our stairs difficult: they regularly trip up. “Can’t you lift your feet?” “No, my shoes will fall off.” I got a new pair in Tesco’s, Pruszków last week, however.

  3. I’m a bit hooked on the M&S moccasin type slippers and it’s impossible to get them here. I don’t have trouble with trousers, in fact I find clothes off the shelf fit me better here than they did in the UK.

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