Juwenalia 2010 w Warszawie

Yesterday was a parade of students starting from Plac Teatralny and ending up somewhere where they could listen to loud music from bands like ‘Acid Drinkers’ and ‘Puke my Guts Up’. We saw the same thing last year as it’s usually on a Saturday and at that time we’re enjoying a breakfast in the cafe opposite the square while Zosia has her ballet lesson. I think also similar to last year, it coincided with qualification round for “Mam Talent” held just around the corner at Radio Eska offices. I didn’t get any pictures last year but I did this time, not of Mam Talent but of the students.

The form seems to be pretty simple. Take a bunch of students dressed slightly strangely, put them onto/into a large vehicle like a truck or a bus, deck the vehicle out with balloons and other bright things, install a 1,000 watt hi-fi system and turn the volume up to max, go drive around town annoying people. Before they leave the square though, there is a sort of ‘safety check’ that involves getting all the students on the vehicle to jump up and down and shout a lot. If the truck survives then it’s good to go. Not all of them make it, but here’s some more that did:


2 thoughts on “Juwenalia 2010 w Warszawie

  1. I somehow didn’t notice the platform occupied by students of SGH. Probably their pant-pink truck and shirts weren’t that conspicuous… Or maybe students from other univerisites beat them at yelling.

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