Seasonal similarities

It is interesting to compare how nature behaves from one year to the next.

Our purple Azalea bush was in riotous colour on April 26th last year and here it is again on April 25th this year! The same time, despite big differences in the harshness and length of the winter seasons. It comes into and out of bloom very quickly but in the week or two it has flowers it’s the hottest spot around for all the bees in Młociny.


Also around this time we have the attack of the dreaded tree-fluff deposited by the tree Populus alba (White Poplar). I’ve not taken pictures this year but today, May 8th, is the worst day so far with the stuff blowing everywhere. Last year I was prompted to post about it on May 10th and was surprised with the number of comments from people around the world having similar experiences or able to explain what it is in better detail than I was. Again, pretty much identical timing from one year to the next.


Good old mother nature, eh? She doesn’t care about global economics, hung parliaments, airline disasters or Greek tragedies. She just carries on doing what she knows best, year in, year out!

5 thoughts on “Seasonal similarities

  1. Last year we had fluff and about the same time. So far I do not see any snow only beautiful flowers that also come out each year at the same time. We are known for our lilacs here and have a “Lilac Festival”. They appear to be a bit early this year (or maybe not). They’ve already been out a good 2 weeks and the festival starts 5/14-5/23.

  2. Okay…I started out the other day with some for 2010 and as I started to snap some lilacs…..the camera said low batteries….damm (I always throw the camera in the purse and its on my way to work each day) . Maybe I’ll stop by Monday for more before the crowds hit…that’s if the weather co-operates. Here is a link to my 2008 album. (the ones I took so far are in 2010 lilacs album but only the tulips and the bowl across the street)

  3. That was very similar to the theme I posted about today: world events vs happier respites such as forests, family, etc. (and without having looked at yours first). :-)

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