Jaguar XF

Just arrived at Frankfurt and on leaving the arrivals hall I find fifteen of these new Jags taking up the parking spaces where the taxis are normally lined up.

I was hoping for a free ride into town courtesy of Jaguar Deutschland but no such luck. They are just parked up as a marketing gimmick.

Looks nice but if I was ever in the market for something like that I’d far prefer the Porsche Panamera.


4 thoughts on “Jaguar XF

  1. The XF looks like an Insignia. Or a Mazda 6. Or one of those smaller Lexuses that I can no longer tell apart.

    Stick on a chicken-wire faux grille to suggest ‘racing heritage’. Make the wheels bigger and the tyres lower profile. Edge the windows (but not the pillars) in chrome. Apply daring scalpel cuts to the headlight treatment. A generation of boys brought up on Hot Wheels and Tonka Toys is now buying the cars of its dreams.

    I yearn for the days when cars had character. Flick through the Observers Book of Cars, any year up to 1968 for a glimpse of a time when engineers were more important to the industry than marketeers and lifestylists.

  2. The XF definitely does NOT look like a Mazda 6 or a Lexus, for that matter. Nothing against the Mazda, the Lexus or the Jag but they’re just NOT the same. They may be too similar for your tastes but each are quite distinct to me.

    If I was going to get something that big it’d be a Citroën C5 in a heartbeat and if I had the money to spend… Probably just a loaded C5.

    Michael: spend some time in the US and you’ll know what it’s like to be able to pick from dull car #1 or dull car #2. Nothing French and VERY little that’s Italian (Maserati is it AFAIK)… The only thing that is any fun and looks mental is a Corvette but while those used to be affordable for a “regular guy” (my dad had one in his 20’s – a ’68) they now run $100,000 for a new one.

  3. Michael – Now that they’ve thrown off GM mismanagement, I’m hoping SAAB will eventually bring back some interesting, distinctive designs. The new 9-5 doesn’t count since it was developed with GM still as the owner.

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