Polish President dies in plane crash

Katyn claims more Polish victims.

I’ve just caught up with the shocking news today that Lech Kaczynski has died in a plane crash on his way to Smolensk airport. Close to 100 people are thought to have died in the crash, everyone on board. This included the President’s wife and Slawomir Skrzypek (governor of the national bank) along with many other of the highest ranking Polish officials. They were on their way to a ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre. Bitter irony.

I wasn’t Kaczynski’s biggest fan but I’d never wish for anyone to go like this. Our thoughts are with everyone on board along with all their family and friends.

After Prime Minister Miller’s helicopter crash a few years back, the various fights there have been about transport for Polish statesmen and now this – I really do think it’s time to get this matter sorted out once and for all, no matter what the cost. Oh, and one other thing, please immediately instigate a policy of routing “important” people across different flights. Even humble corporations have such sensible policies to limit the damage in the event of tragedies just like this.

How long before the conspiracy theories emerge I wonder?


14 thoughts on “Polish President dies in plane crash

  1. I also didn’t support many of the Poles who departed today, but this tragedy shelves all anomisoties.

    Scatts, it is one of major principles of managing operational risks that all important people from a certain organisation cannot travel on board of one plane (just in case of such a disaster).

    I hope will never ever see something like this again.

  2. Lech Kaczyński

    Maria Kaczyńska

    Ryszard Kaczorowski

    Jerzy Szmajdziński

    Władysław Stasiak

    Aleksander Szczygło

    Paweł Wypych

    Mariusz Handzlik

    Andrzej Kremer

    gen. Franciszek Gągor

    Andrzej Przewoźnik

    Grzeogrz Dolniak

    Przemysław Gosiewski

    Zbigniew Wassermann

    Janusz Kochanowski

    Sławomir Skrzypek

    Janusz Kurtyka

    bp Tadeusz Płoski

  3. Very sad. Poland will be mourning for a long time. There are so many unanswered questions – why were so many important people on such an aging aircraft in the first place?! Why didn’t the pilot divert and land in Minsk if the weather was that bad at Smolensk? Sadly its easy to see how accidents like this could have been avoided. Always an unnecessary waste of human life.

    Somebody has already been busy this morning…


  4. Tragic day in Polish history. So difficukt to take on board. The political alone are

    ‘Conspiracy’ theories and the questioning of the government line generally crop up when governments hide information, and when subjects that should be investigated and trumpeted by the press are ignored or sidelined. Tragically, much of the questioning is honest, open and legitimate and hence ignored by the great unwashed.

  5. That’s so kind of you guys.

    It is really unexpected. The aircraft had undergone a major refurbishment. The weather conditions were so dire that military craft were turned away. We suppose that the President didn’t want to be late for the main ceremony, so he refused landing in Moscow or Minsk.

  6. This is a tragedy.

    And a real change of the guard – so many politics died in this crush, that it will make a real draft.
    I don’t want to sound cynical, but this will be a big change in Polish policy.

    President Kaczynski, although I never wished him bad, has gone in good moment – on peak of his career, still being on the best position. The nation will remember him as stateman now.

    Knowing his difficult nature, the end of his career could be frustrating for everyone, leaving him unpopular.

    But obviously I am in shock too. Let Them All Rest in Peace.

  7. Polka, if everyone feels the same way I do then we feel this tragedy even more than we would if an identical plane-load of British dignitaries suffered the same fate.

    It is at times like this in fact that I feel at my most ‘adrift’. No longer a true UK citizen but not accepted as a true Pole either.

    I’m an alien
    I’m a legal alien
    I’m an alien in Warsaw….

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