Zippo update

For those following the German airport Zippo saga, here’s the latest and I suspect final word all the way from Dee Dee, Marketing Assistant, Consumer Relations Department, Zippo HQ, Bradford, Pennsylvania:

Dear Mr. Scattergood:
Thank you for your email correspondence.  We are sorry to hear about the problems you had with international airlines.  The laws for carrying Zippo lighters on an airplane have changed here in the USA.  You are now permitted to carry a filled lighter on board and you may carry one in your checked baggage if it is in a DOT approved case.  I am not certain why the airport in Germany does not permit them.  I will send you a complimentary insert for your Zippo lighter case.  You should receive it in a few days.
Kind regards,

..and my response:

Dee Dee,

Many thanks for your reply. Nobody knows why the Germans will not allow them and since writing I’ve been advised of others who have had similar Zippo related problems in Germany. I just thought it was something you guys might like to pick up with the German authorities as they seem to be the only European nation picking on your product.

Thanks for sending the insert. I’ll give it a try although last time I tried it was never really the same lighter afterwards. Perhaps I did something wrong because I have heard from others that re-stuffing works fine.


That’s assuming the insert ever arrives given the random nature of Poczta Polska. Something very non-ecological about shipping a fluffball of cotton wool from Pennsylvania to Warsaw but if it makes them feel they’ve kept a customer happy….. If Zippo aren’t interested in why a nation is branding their product as a potential terrorist threat then I’m not going to waste my time on it.

So there this thrilling chapter ends!

By the way, I am painfully aware that 12 days between posts is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! Sorry!


8 thoughts on “Zippo update

  1. Ian, my wife recently switched to an “electronic cigarette” after smoking “regulars” for 13 years. After about four days she swears she will never go back. Something to consider.

  2. I really hate corporate letters like this. AFAIC, Dee Dee hasn’t done much. First of all, she should have switched back to her formal name of Debra or Deborah or Debbie when she reached the age of 18 (at least), but I suppose that’s another story. Secondly, she is only appeasing you by sending you a piece of cotton, because she doesn’t know anything at all about German laws or rules. Her statement, “I am not certain why….” is complete crap. “certain”? She has no idea nor intention of finding out anything about German airport laws regarding Zippo lighters or anything else for that matter. She probably has a drawer full of cotton muzzles that she is more than happy to send to disgruntled customers all over the world, and if she sounds kindly enough, they may even think she is doing them a favor.

    And, yes, I was at the dentist’s this morning. :-/

  3. I’m with you, stuff!

    Brad, yeeees, I’ve seen those things around and was cautious about their effectiveness as they seem to have become the latest cult item to own. I’ve had mixed reviews. I think the bottom line is if you really want to give up, you’ll give up, one way or another.

  4. Ian: she isn’t quitting. :). Just got tired of the ash, butts, her breath, etc… And loves stuff that connects via USB. We don’t know anyone else here who has one but it, so far, seems like a positive development. No serious side effects though Paula already says that she doesn’t fund the smell of “real” cig smoke appealing at all. Sounds like having your cake and eating it, too… But that does seem to be the case.

  5. Brad – glad you should bring up the subject of the electronic ciggy. I was considering giving it a go but was advised they come in different cost varieties and that the ‘strength’ is non existant i.e. it’s like breathing in ‘plumes’ of air and that it’s more a substitute for the habit of holding a cigarette and putting it in your mouth than the actual smoking sensation. You wouldn’t care to expand and advise whch version your dear wife is using and how she would describe the experience?

  6. Brad thought I should comment on this as he doesn’t exactly grasps the phenomenon not being a smoker himself. First of all – it’s of course not exact equivalent and from what I read some people go back to regular cigs after the ‘novelty’ feeling wears of. Then there’s the taste and the strenght – it prolly will take some experimenting before I find perfect one for me. The one I have works fine, but next time I will prolly go for something with more scratchy throat effect. Having said that, it’s worked wonderfully for me. The shop assistant at a little stand in Krakow was more than helpful and advised ‘Ecis’ brand for me. These work with both atomizers and cartomizers (less hassle with cleaning and re-filling). It also has 6 months warranty instead of regular 3 (and from what I read these things are faults prone). For a set with two batteries and month worth of liquid (for refilling the cartridges), I paid 220PLN, which is lower than the cost of monthly smoking for me. And here’s the most shocking thing for me – as a heavy smoker, I’ve always found the smell of cigs very enticing, hard to resist. After two days of my adventure with the e-cig, my battery ran out in a pub and of course, when there’s beer, there has to be smoking. I pulled out regular cig and I couldn’t even finish it, I almost puked. The next time I smoked was when my battery got charged. And I cannot stand smoke smell around me. To sum up – since Saturday I feel better, cleaner, my oral fixation and nicotine need are satisfied and my throat is much cleaner. It’s not so expensive to try, so I do recommend it strongly.

  7. Thanks for the comment with first hand experience, Adesina!

    I expect Ad is out there right now purchasing his first virtual fag! I wonder if you can get roll-up versions??

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