Let it snow

My cry for help in banishing the snow from our land has not been answered.

Here we are, March 15th, and very worried this morning that we would not be able to leave home without an inhuman effort of snow-digging from our house to Wislostrada. In the end we made it, but only just.

This weekend saw probably the biggest snowfall of the entire winter in our area with a couple of serious blizzards followed by relentless falls overnight. Big, wet, heavy flakes the size of a 2 zloty coin that cling to the trees and bushes bending them towards the earth almost at breaking point for some.

The views from home with the snow and sunshine were magnificent. If only we could stay home on this Monday and enjoy them. Instead, we struggled through to school and work and so continues the everlasting wait for this winter to finally give up and go away for good.


6 thoughts on “Let it snow

  1. Wow, that’s pretty impressive (and sad). Here in Toronto we have enjoyed a very warm winter with the least amount of snow on record (a measly 50 cm) versus the winter of 2009 when we flirted with a 70 year old record for most snow (200 cm). Thank God spring is almost here.

  2. It was a totally pukka morning – breathtaking. Went walking with our 2 year old and soaked it all up. What a beautiful finale to this years snowy but generally dismal winter. Loved it!!
    p.s. good to see you back in the writing seat :) missed you.

  3. Basking in 50 – 60 degree weather the past week I was alarmed to hear from my cousin when I asked her how the weather was and she told me it was snowing ..alot. Neve fails we always get your weather days later. We are supposed to get hit with snow again on Monday. Hopefully it will be little flakes and disappear as soon as they hit the ground. (now to enjoy the w/e while I can)

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