Łazienki park in winter

Łazienki Park – Warsaw

We don’t go to Łazienki as often as we used to so it was nice to pop over to ‘Peacock Park’ on Saturday. It is a bit bleak in winter compared to any other season but the upside is that it’s almost empty of visitors. The animals however remain in residence all year round. The peacocks are the main attraction and have their friends who come to feed them:

“Well, one does like being fed from a Parisian plastic bag.”

The most populous animals though must be the ducks, Mallard in particular, and given the frozen water they take to the land more often or congregate on the few areas where the ice has been broken and they have open water.

“Arthur…does my bum look big in this?”

“Call this a beach? That’s the last time I come here for my holiday!”

On land they have to compete with the rooks for any food that’s left out for them:

“Go ahead duck, make my day!”

The only citizens of Peacock Park we didn’t see were the squirrels. One assumes they were hiding somewhere and keeping their nuts warm!

4 thoughts on “Łazienki park in winter

  1. The peacock with the Parisienne plastic bag and the frozen beach with ducks photos were HILARIOUS!! Almost made me tear up … :-D So funny. I went to both of my ponds yesterday and all ducks were gone–now I know where they’re hanging out!


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