More fun in the snow

While mummy was skiing down the steepest slope in Zieleniec, successfully, Zosia and I decided to go snow mining. We found ourselves a sheltered corner by the side of the church where the snow had settled deeply and started digging, well I started digging and Zosia sat and watched me!

After at least 30 minutes of digging through a thick layer of snow, a layer of ice and a second layer of snow we finally reached the grass at which point we started digging into the hill towards the church.

Zosia dived in when the mine was too deep for me to go further without collapsing the roof and came out with a huge diamond! Wow!

That’s it with the snow in Zieleniec. This afternoon we relax in the pool & sauna, this evening I pack and tomorrow we spend all day getting home.

Photos and maybe a video will follow later when I have a chance to process.


2 thoughts on “More fun in the snow

  1. I hope you enjoyed staying in Zieleniec, and hope to see you back here again next year!
    We are very satisfied and will try to come back next year – hopefully with our own equipment! The rental cost is a pair of new skis, so not worth it!

  2. Agreed about rental costs. We’ll definitely be looking for skis and boots for Marta when the sales come around.

    With Zosia we’ll wait until she’s developed a little more ‘enthusiasm’ for the sport. ;)

    We also enjoyed our stay. A few small things I could moan about, as usual, but generally pretty good.

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