The latest firm to join the ‘Hall of Shame’

Is EDEN the water people and here’s why:

We have one of those tall hot & cold dispensers that refrigerates the water. The hot part is switched off but chilled water in the summer is nice. We’ve had one for at least 6 years now and generally speaking they do a good job of turning up once a month, removing the old bottles and leaving some new ones. Where they have difficulties is when it gets any more complicated than that.

Roughly every six months they should ‘sanitize’ the dispenser. This means removing the innards and replacing with a new pack. It is a simple task that takes perhaps 10 minutes. In the good old days they would remind us about this or just do it. In recent years though they have stopped doing that. I can’t think why this would be because they charge for it so it should be extra income but anyway, they have stopped worrying about it and so now we have to remind them. We did so recently and asked that they sanitize on the next visit.

The next visit came and they had forgotten about it and didn’t have the parts so they said they would make a special visit later. They eventually made that visit but botched the job so the water was leaking all over the floor. We waited without water while they got around to fixing the leak. On what was by now the the third visit they decided to renew the machine completely, not a bad idea except that the machine they replaced ours with looked like it had just done a tour of Afghanistan. Now, when you’re paying 15-20 PLN a month extra to have a machine with a pretty flower design on it, you expect that flower design to be good looking, not torn and dirty!

A call was made and we were promised that on their next regular visit, 3rd Feb, they would replace the machine again. I waited at home on the 3rd and they eventually arrived at around 10:15. The did the water bottles and then the guy said “..and we have to replace the machine, right?”. I agreed and he went to a small compartment and removed one of their tiny porcelain dispensers! Arrrggghhh, not the right machine you bunch of *@#$%.

When I get angry with companies here I normally revert to “Mr. Angry Englishman” mode and start insisting to speak to someone in English. Don’t ask me why, I just feel better. So I did with Eden, they offer parts of their website in English and deal with plenty of firms so why not complaints? I explained the problem to an increasing number of assistants until we found one who understood the details of my complaint. He said they would call later and arrange a, by now super-special, visit later that day to bring another new dispenser.

Guess what? They didn’t call and now we’re away. Ho hum. And so it is that Eden water of join TPSA and Cyfrowy Polsat in my, unfortunately, growing list of CRAP companies.

I’m building up quite a list of things to get finished when we return, what a horrid thought of all that disappointment and frustration just waiting there for me like an avalanche of headaches:

  • Get the Sky digital box working = do something with the dish on the roof
  • Eden dispenser = fifth attempt
  • Zosia’s blocked drain = second attempt
  • Improving the repair of the walls where the leaks were = second attempt

5 thoughts on “The latest firm to join the ‘Hall of Shame’

  1. Just out of curiosity: is this water dispenser at a place of business? It isn’t clear from your post though I am inclined to think it is not since the rest of your frustrations are centered around your home/flat.

    If it is something you have at home… I understand the appeal of cold, filtered water but why not just get a Brita water pitcher/filter thing and be done with it? That wouldn’t work at a business so if that’s where it’s at then ignore my comment.

    Otherwise: this is Poland. You do, to *some* degree, need to go with the flow. It would be nice if most everything was done as competently, quickly and cheaply as it is in the UK or the US but it isn’t… And trying to get too fancy is a recipe for disaster. Though it does make for interesting reading.

  2. Hey, I’ve got one to tack on to the list – Epson.

    I’ve had a printer (Stylus C62) manufactured by this company for seven years now. I’ve printed over fifteen thousand pages on it, it’s very cheap to run (I use good quality non-original cartridges, 20 zł per item, they run out of ink after around 500 pages), but after all wears out and sometimes is getting unreliable. I thought about selling it and my nine year old HP scanner before they conk out and buying a new all-in-one. I decided to take advice of other users who’ve bought some such devices recently and read their opinions on and I’m devastated. All-in-ones by Epson are good until you have to change a cartridge and this happens disturbingly quickly, than it refuses to work with unoriginal ones, jams and hey, new ink cartridges are very small, suffice for 100 pages and are costly – costs of printing 3000 pages per year would be prohibitive. HP also hits wallets, opinions of Canon aren’t that well.

    If anyone can recommend an all-in-one which gives printouts in good quality and is cheap to run, I’d be bound. regards

  3. Bart, I had similar bad experiences with Epson many years ago and have not bought one since. I also need to change my Canon soon as it is just too big for what we need and getting old now. I thought we’d be printing pictures a lot but we very rarely do that so all I need is something to print text and web pages.

    The ink costs are horrendous for Canon also, circa 60 PLN per cartridge I think and this one has seven of them!!

    Let me know if you get any good recommendations.

  4. Scatts, I promise to share something with you, especially if I buy a new all-in-one. Hope you’ll also get in touch in if you’re in the know.

    Anyway, reading all the griping about shoddy Epson devices put me off buying it. I don’t really need to replace my current printer. Despite letting me down a few times and it generally works very well, the fact it is old is not yet a reason to replace it. I regularly print photos on it and they are only a bit worse than developed in photo-lab in terms of quality, so I can’t say my current Epson is bad, I’m just stuck without an alternative and it keeps nagging me, because one day when I’ll have to print something urgently it might break down and I’ll have to buy a new one in haste and haste is not a good advisor when making a purchase.

    Enjoy yourself during ferie zimowe.
    Greetings from the capital!

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