Cyfrowy Polsat – how NOT to handle customers (again)

These assholes just can’t help themselves, can they!

They seem to have a mission to hack me off roughly once a year as it was about that long ago that they pulled the magic trick with a new contract. Their latest phase of crass stupidity is to send customers an SMS every month to remind them to pay their bill.

I wouldn’t mind too much if it was sent a few days after the bill should have been paid. I wouldn’t even mind it being sent when it is, about 4 days before it is due, if they were polite about it. Is it within the talent pool of Cyf-Pol to be polite to customers? You bet your sweet ass it’s not. The single celled organisms that run this excuse for a company have managed to come up with wording for their SMS that goes something like this:

“In 4 days you owe us big time. If we don’t get your money EXACTLY when we want it you can bet your life we’re gonna really enjoy switching your ass off! Suck on that, dipstick!”

I don’t get one of these jolly reminders because I’ve changed my phone since taking out the contract and have not given them a new number but my wife is not so lucky. She’s kind enough to forward it to me just to make my day.

Thanks, Cyf-Pol, you have reminded me why I hate you so much. Can there possibly be any worse company in the entire universe, apart from TPSA of course?


3 thoughts on “Cyfrowy Polsat – how NOT to handle customers (again)

  1. I won’t comment on TP S.A. Their churn rate is bow around 50 thousand landline phone users per month, the structure of the company is a big throwback to PRL-era and the strategy their pursue only exacerbates those tendencies. my family terminated contract on landline phone and Neosrada in September 2009

    Era GSM – rip the client off tell make them believe they enjoy low prices. In 2007 I took up a holiday job with a telemarketing company that worked for Era. Every time they visited our office it ended up with a rumpus! It their corporate slang they call clients: c*pa, p*zda, k”tas, or c*uj. I don’t know if the other operators have the same in mind, but this, plus exorbitant rates, prompted me to change my mobile operator. Indeed, their post-paid and pre-paid plans imply they think customers are idiots. Churn rates also confirm.

    Now I use mobile phone and Internet services from Play. I’m very satisfied with the price and the fact they have never pestered me with advertisements like Era did. Quality of phone services is good, but their customer service and quality of Internet connection could be much better, though the prices justify that level.

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