Things beginning with ‘S’


Below are a couple that took my fancy recently. The first, blue one, is on the doors as you enter Klif Centre on Okopowa. It appears to suggest that if adults and children hold hands then either; there will be a small electric shock, or more likely, there will be a simultaneous radio transmission. Perhaps it’s a more subtle message like “Beware of tagged paedophiles!” or “Don’t hold hands with strangers!”?

The second I saw today on a kids ride close to McDonalds in Zlote Tarasy. It just goes to show the impression people have of my country of birth and possibly how ignorant they are of the impracticalities of a bus route that encompasses London, Oxford, York and Wembley. I suppose it also displays a certain ignorance of the fact that Wembley (or as I call it, Little Bangladesh) is actually in London.


Snow is the stuff that is on the ground prior to Christmas, then goes away again leaving you with a sloshy Christmas time and returns as soon as Christmas is finished! These shots from yesterday’s evening visit to the dentist. M & Z had appointments and I just let them look in my mouth and do a lot of sighing. More major work ahead I’m afraid! Yuk!

I like these grainy night-time shots of slightly industrial snowy scenes although I can appreciate they are not everyone’s taste. Yes, that is a giant illuminated flowerpot.

2 thoughts on “Things beginning with ‘S’

  1. Interesting – the sign presumably wants ro advise parents to keep a grip on their kids upon entering the shop but is non too clear (that’s Okopowa by the way from Okopy – trenches and not Okap – eaves or kitchen extract hood).

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