I stole a garage!

Don’t tell anyone but I stole a garage and it’s proving to be very useful.

We have one garage as part of our premises and M uses it. The other one is supposed to be used by the apartment upstairs but as that’s empty the garage has been used as a repository for spare furniture by the owners so throughout the last winter I spent my mornings digging a path to the exposed car and then working away with the snow-brush and ice-scraper before I could get away.

A couple of weeks ago all the crappy furniture vanished and was replaced by a broken dishwasher and some paving slabs. I quickly re-evaluated the garage space now available and decided that with a little reorganisation we might just be able to create a Passat sized hole. As I have a Passat and it had started to snow, this was quite an exciting possibility. I applied myself to junk-shuffling and before you could say “stop thief!” my car was nestling alongside M’s in the luxury of a warm and snow-free parking space.

It’s a small thing and no doubt it won’t last long but I’ll enjoy it while I can.

While I’m here, are any of you experts in identifying things by using footprints in the snow? If so, take a look at these tracks I found in the snow on the terrace today. I’m convinced it’s a six legged alien with long thin feet, but I could be wrong. It is certainly very weird.

And finally, a winter sun landscape.

8 thoughts on “I stole a garage!

  1. Those snow prints are intriguing! What time did you find them? Any more pics as the scale is difficult to read. The furthest right imprint appears to show three toes but can’t be sure at this enlargement if they’re imprints or loose snow.
    Snow can slide off in slices but I assume there is no overhang. Perhaps some winged, frozen footed creature hopped along your terrace. Hmmmmm.

  2. When crowning up to your terrace is a tree the “footprints” are just the snow falling down from that tree branches! Herlak Sholmes

    herlak = very weak and caughing person

  3. Once I saw a garage taken away by a whirlwind, but it was made up of welded metal sheets attached to the ground with a few bolts.

    In German jokes Poles can steal everything, but I’ve never seen a garage stolen. One day I”ll show it to my grandchildren.

    Merry Christmas Scatts!

  4. You too, Bartek, have a good one!

    MG – not a tree.

    Nathan – thanks!

    Ad – there is an overhang actually and that was my first thought but these were also in places where there isn’t one. They are also at strange angles for it to be falling off the edge of the upstairs terrace. Scale – they were roughly a foot long.

  5. I’d put it down to wind then.

    Not a personal comment you understand, just that snow can roll, and fly off when blown or do a Małysz if it has a long enough slide down a slope :)

    Weslołych Świąt by the way!

  6. I found very similar footprints on snow this morning and I am dying to know what this really is! Did you find out where these weird footprints came from? And where about is this picture taken?

  7. dev,

    Picture taken in Warsaw, Poland. Didn’t find out what it is but suspect it was snow/ice falling from a small balcony above and being blown by the wind on its way down.

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