Tennis Champ!

Congratulations to Zosia for winning her first proper sporting trophy this evening!!

The tennis club held a Christmas tournament involving assorted challenges of a tennis and general running around nature and Zosia collected one point more than her nearest rival to take home the cup. I notice she’s a bit like mum & dad when it comes to competitions in that she gets better when the heat is on. In the practice round of “hitting the ball over the net and landing it inside a large circle on the other side”, she missed every one but when points were at stake she got every ball for max points.

She also has a certain modesty, similar to myself, in that she couldn’t believe she’d come first and needed to have a conversation with the instructor at the end to make sure it was right. All the other kids were happy with their own prizes although a few of the parents looked a bit miffed that their kid wasn’t the champ.

Her travelling fan club, namely me because mum’s at college this weekend, were ecstatic on the sidelines and shouts of “Zosia! Zosia!” could be heard throughout the snow-covered and bitter cold grounds of AWF.

Everyone had fun, the instructors are excellent with the kids and make the sessions both enjoyable and good training. It was a tad chilly inside the tent though, with -13 outside. In a couple of the pictures you can see “Wesołych Swiąt” (Happy Christmas) written on the inside wall of the tent, that’s written in the ice that formed on the wall!

So, well done Zosia, the first of many I suspect.


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