We’ve hit -10C here in Warsaw today with predictions of worse to come. I blame the Russians!

The photo below shows the effect it had on the journey into work with one of the longest queues of trams I’ve ever seen. They were stacked up all the way from rondo Babka to Marymont metro station. I didn’t see blood on the tracks but there was a lot of messing around with the electricity grabbers on the top of the trams so I suspect the problem was with power.

You can tell the weather has been getting increasingly cold by looking at the clothing needs. Started out with just a coat, then a hat was needed, then this week a scarf was dug out from the back of the cupboard and now I’m wishing I had my gloves with me as well! When it really gets cold we’ll have to bring in the heavy artillery – vests, thicker hats, warmer coats, boots…. Who knows, I might even have to resort to wearing a tie or the ultimate tactic for staying warm of staying at home and claiming to be sick! Then again, I’ve never been one to follow the crowd so that last option is unlikely to happen.

The other picture shows either how warped my mind is or how great a candidate I am for receiving the Turner Prize. I call it “Crime Scene” because that’s what it looks like. In truth it was the mess left by Erik’s Volvo!


4 thoughts on “Brrrrr!!!

  1. Maybe the weather is going back to the 80’s and you will finally experience a real Polish winter with “koksiaki” on the streets :)

  2. the tram jam was caused by a broken down tram, when they fixed, electricity wires packed up. Commuters have cards stacked up against them…

    Scatts, don’t you remember minus thirty in January 2006 or minus twenty two on 6 January 2009. That’s not the winter attack, just a normal occurrence in December, spiced up by the panic spread by media.

  3. Bartek, yes I do remember various times when it has dropped below -20. These temperatures are not really all that cold, but they are colder than it has been for a while.

  4. Have you seen NYC on news……..Russian “cold war” revenge :P Brrrrr for sure. Hasn’t come upstate yet just the cold. I’m Polish and should be able to handle it…….not.

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