Warsaw’s Christmas Illuminations

Yesterday saw the official ‘opening’ of Warsaw’s Christmas illuminations for 2009. We popped down there today with about 28,000 other people to take a look and bring you these pictures hot from the processing queue:

The President’s tree

The tree by the castle

The Old Town Square tree & market

The Las Vegas Syrena

Krak Przed illuminations

Krak Przed fountain thingy

Bread, dripping and drobny

Something for the kids

We got there just as it was getting dark and it was pretty busy. By the time we left, all those who had decided to eat kolacja before going to see the lights were stuck in an endless queue of traffic trying to find a parking spot. It was busier than a Friday rush-hour.

Very nice to see that Warsaw is finally taking this stuff seriously. The market in the old town is an obvious but good thing to do. Hopefully next year they will have more stalls selling Christmasy things and fewer selling wędliny, mountain cheese, bread and smalec.

PS – Will the bastard who stole my Sony mp3 player & Sennheiser earphones from the flight back from Frankfurt on Friday please throw themselves under a bus! Thank you. (We abandon an expensive Omega watch in Oslo airport and it’s returned safely to us. We leave a half-decent mp3 player in a Polish plane for less than 30 minutes and guess what – “I’m sorry but someone must have taken it”)

Oh yes, nearly forgot, Merry Christmas! Xmastree


12 thoughts on “Warsaw’s Christmas Illuminations


    Scaaaa-aaatts, you’re supposed to put your things back in your carry-on! “Be sure to check the seat pocket in front of you.” All that fol-de-rol, were you distracted? Sorry about your MP3 player in any case, that’s a bummer. We, in our carelessness, were always astonished at Polish honesty. It was in Britain where everyfink went missin’.

  2. That is an interesting cone tree at the castle – I like the lights around it. And the “fountain thingy” looks pretty cool, too.
    Am just off to capture our illuminations (very different from yours)

  3. This year plac trzech krzyzy and (renovated)Aleje Ujazdowskie are also illuminated. Too bad you did not visit the vieving tower and take some photos from there.

    ps:In the royal castle there is a nice art exhebition.

  4. adthelad there is a viewing tower

    -in the old town.

    -marriott sky bar
    -intraco restaurant
    -uprising museum
    -kopiec powstania (not a tower)

  5. Polandian can only handle one festive post at a time!

    I’m making a mental note to ensure I ALWAYS transfer Expateek’s comments.

    Ad – viewing tower is to the left of that big church, just before the road underpass.

  6. Beautiful trees. I particuraly like the Presidents tree..interesting. Wesolych Swiat everyone! (so when Elvis sang Blue Christmas was he thinking of Warsaw)

  7. Beautiful pictures of winter/ holiday lights etc in Warsaw… makes me want to come back an freez my butt off again for another Christmas in Poland… maybe next year.

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