Zlota 44 (resting)

One of my happy readers asked for an update on the progress of this development.

In brief – bugger all is going on. Cranes removed. Orco flags removed. Site tidied up. Rebar going rusty. Dead as a doornail.

I’ll only post again if that situation changes.

Here’s a pic from 5 mins ago.


9 thoughts on “Zlota 44 (resting)

  1. Ah,

    Warsaw’s Skeletor.

    I’ve bet one of the lads in Bradleys (I’m flying in next week) that it will still be like that in 5 years.

  2. Well the problem is knowing what to do with it, even if anyone had the inclination and the dosh to do something.

    I can’t see it ever being completed as per the original design and intent – luxury apartments. Perhaps in 20 years but not before.

    Then there’s the questions of:

    1/ Whether Libeskind has any rights to veto any development that is not his original design. Also whether he by now owns any of the development in lieu of fees?

    2/ Whether the permits would be changed to allow any other use or design?

    The down-to-earth sensible option would be to utilise the ground level commercial space and 6 floors of car parking above as designed but to change the top 9 levels that were apartments into something else. Office perhaps, but the ceiling heights look too low for that.

  3. they have three years from stopping the works to start the construction again on the same permit. If the use change, there will be a new permit anyway (or replaced permit).

    I was on twilight saga: new moon. do not recommend!

  4. If you want you can buy it from Orco for 1 Euro.

    You have to take on the loans as well though.

    Looking at the sums involved quickly I would say that my bet is looking quite good!

    Scatts – where’s the best coffee in Warsaw? I have to travel to the delights of Wolomin on my first day there and would like something to look forward to coming back in! Alcohol I can mange easily enough after 6:00…..

  5. OK here is the proof. Scatts ignores my comments ! :(

    I will repeat it:

    -Zlota44’s construction will re-start in the beggining of next year.
    -The construction of “Hines Tower” will also start in the next couple of weeks/months.

    At the end of the year there will be 2 new towers in your “neighbourhood” …. and a nice department store “wolf bracka” ;)

  6. No, no, Gast, I’m not ignoring you, I just don’t believe you. ;)

    Ian, I’m not sure there is a “best” coffee in Warsaw but there’s certainly no shortage of coffee bars. Coffee Heaven are everywhere and the product is good enough, wide choice, perhaps a little on the wishy-washy American side of taste. There are plenty of other smaller places to choose from as well. If you’re going to be anywhere near Zlota let me know and perhaps I can join you at one of the coffee places in Zlote Tarasy – Waynes or Green Coffee are okay.

    Dunkin Donuts used to have great coffee (and donuts) but they left Poland years ago!

  7. I know all about it, gast, and I have a degree of respect for Hines as they are a serious developer but another tower of luxury apartments? Hines are never cheap so these apartments will be how much to buy?

    Who exactly is going to buy them and why will Hines tower work when Zlota 44 didn’t?

    I note that the Hines tower (ex Shalom Tower) will house the offices of the Shalom Foundation, plus underground parking, plus a luxury hotel and then a lot of residential. It’s possible I suppose that the hotel alone would make the development worthwhile but I doubt it.

    Beginning to wonder how many hotels Warsaw needs anyway?!@ This one will be almost next door to the Raddison, which is just across the street from the Westin and the Intercon and not far from the Hilton and the Marriott and the Holiday Inn…….

    So you say by the end of next year we’ll have two massive towers full of luxury apartments within a spit of each other along Emilii Plater. I say you’re wrong but we’ll have to wait and see.

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