Welcome to the virtual world!

It had to happen sometime, the top end of the slippery slope of computer addiction.

For the geeks, the computer is an Acer ‘Aspire One’, purchased at John Lewis in the UK last year and originally intended for M’s use as a light but functional work machine. M has not exactly been overusing it so I thought we’d try it out with Z and it seems to have gone down well if the last two hours are anything to go by. I like the idea of the Acer but the battery has never worked properly so I don’t think I’d recommend it to anyone. There are better versions of the same idea on the market nowadays anyway.

Z did have a computer earlier but it was a big old clunky thing I’d purchased from work cheap because it was being thrown out. It didn’t work too well and was not connected to the WWW so the best she could do was use the ‘paint’ function, which got to be very boring. That is now in the garage to gather dust before being thrown out. Side question – where is one supposed to throw things like old computers and TVs in Warsaw? In the UK we had communal rubbish dumps everywhere that allowed you to turn up and dump anything you wanted. They had separate areas for the different types of waste. In Warsaw I’ve seen nothing like that and so I have absolutely no idea what to do with the thing aside from leave it somewhere for ‘the borrowers’ to take it away.

This Acer has a wi-fi function so she can connect to the WLAN emitted by the D-Link router on my desk in the room next door. Seems to be working so far. Whilst I’m worried about her spending too much time on the computer, it’s hard to deny what a great tool it is for education and entertainment. Even now, on sites as simple as minimini.pl she’s having to read things to be able to play the games so it not only teaches her how to use a computer but also helps her reading skills and lots more besides. Right now she’s found a game where you can dress up a girl in all kinds of different clothes, including shoes and handbags of course! Oh well, it has to happen sometime. Next week she’ll be setting up her Facebook account I expect!

Any good recommendations on web sites for six year old girls would be most welcome.


15 thoughts on “Welcome to the virtual world!

  1. Sorry for the off topic. :)

    i just wanted to say that Zlota44 will (re)start soon :)

    AND the construction of an other huge highrise is beginning.

    It will look like this…

  2. HA! I knew there will be new entry on your blog :)
    Anyway, my Pola plays: gry.pl with subfolder: for girls :) but they have also logical subfolder, something quite good for the youngsters.
    And we just started to buy games: the first one was Zoo Tycon. Pola is very much involved in zoo creation and management. Just recently she said: mummy, I just had first time visitors in my zoo, and I let them near crocodiles, and they were running around and scream! I said: why did they do this? and her reply: because I let one crocodile out of the cage and he ate one of my visitors! :)

  3. your probably looking for Polish sites but there is Disney.com (English) That’s the only one I know of. (and Zosia knows English)

    About the Computers and electronics. We have to bring them to a recycle shop (and we have to pay) Can’t just leave at the curb.

  4. Well that makes sense, I mean, she lives and goes to school in Poland and it’s hard to learn reading and writing in two languages at the same time. Loads of time though, I had a friend who spoke only Italian when he was little and then picked up English at middle school. I don’t think it all happens at the same pace, if that makes sense.

  5. What do they say…when in Rome do as the Romans do. :)

    Polish of course but if she ever gets bored or curious then there is always an alternative. (I liked the minimini.pl). It helped me with my Polish spelling (well sort of…was getting them all correct except for one…it showed a girafe and a zebra and the letter was a Z with a slash over it….answer was giraffe so is giraffe spelled with a Z in Polish. Or how do you spell giraffe. Well never to old to learn..heheheh)

  6. I recommend BBC Dance Mat for starting to learn to touch type. If the characters annoy her – they did Tom – then turn the sound down. Most of the instructions are pretty obvious. 12 stages and you can’t save within a stage so Tom tried each stage for a few nights and then did one long session to do it fully through before moving on.

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