Nelson news

A few people have asked how Nelson the cat is. Well, he’s fine thanks. He’s now 14 months old, getting bigger every month and still a nutter!

Some pictures from this morning (click for larger version).

Zosia trying to strangle Nelson

Nelson and the doorstop

“Look, I’ve got a clown nose!”


11 thoughts on “Nelson news

  1. WOW! He IS a CAT :) Unbelievably big one! We are still curious though, how on hell do you manage not to let him out? In such “pięknych okolicznościach przyrody”??? He must be suffering a great loss looking at you outside. Is there any chance you took Nelson on skiing? ;) I am deeply in love with Nelson :)

  2. Nelson is so fat!!! (After castration or how do you call it?)
    Nelson is going to be similar to you Scats as much as it’s possible!

  3. Mon, that would be very much more – adult, or grown up, or mature!

    Pino – Not bigger than Zosia but matching her pace of growth, if not exceeding it.

    He’s a big cat but I wouldn’t say he’s huge. Not like those Maine Coon things!

  4. Holy Moly…..what is in that Polish cat food. He is bigger than Zosia. Nelson is a beautiful cat. Is that normal markings for his tail (the rings). All I can say is you pick beautiful looking cats. (loved the Horatio photo)

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