Guess where I’ve been?

It was 21C and sunny. Kaka, Ronaldo, etc, were stuffed 4-0 by “Farmhands United” in their last match (in the Kings cup).

The taxis are New York style with a bullet proof plastic barrier between passengers and driver. Within 3 minutes of leaving the hotel on the walk to the office I was stopped and asked for a cigarette (made me feel at home)!

Had some ‘jamon’ from special hairy black pigs that are fed nuts, this was accompanied by some nice cheese, bread with a tomato paste on it and a bottle of Rioja. The tapas lunch yesterday was equally tasty, if only you could get such a lunch here in Warsaw. Lunch hour seems to start at 14:00 over there.

The city gives every impression of being hit hard by the munch-crunch, largely because of their excesses in boom times. Nevertheless, I saw my first ever Porsche Panamera, so not everyone is suffering.


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