There have been many comments, mostly on Polandian I think, about the way Warsaw is being ruined by grossly inappropriate advertising.

It was therefore no surprise to find this mobile eye-sore contraption turn up and park itself outside the Palace of Culture. Advertising Levis “unbuttoned” (whatever they are) it is able to hoist a billboard that must be all of 8m wide by 12m tall.

I can understand their use at outdoor events like a concert but parked in front of the PKiN, or wherever else? I mean, the palace looks ugly enough as it is with all those Zepter signs around the roofline without making matters even worse.

This kind of guerilla advertising should be illegal, Levis should be fined along with the company who own and operate the machine.



2 thoughts on “Madvertising

  1. It came free with a packet of cornflakes! I assume you’re more of a coco-pops guy?

    Not snowing now, that photo is a week old or so. In fact, the Levi’s thing has gone already.

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