With a crumble-crisis upon us and with so many eateries in Zlote T the competition for the lunch dollar is quite fierce.

Here’s my lunch from a few days ago. Starter is a bowl of cauliflower & bean soup. That mess on the right is chicken breast with a spinach sauce, spuds and the yummy Polish idea of cold salad stuff on a hot plate! To drink, a glass of kompot.

Gordon Ramsey might have something to say about the presentation but it all tasted reasonably good.

What do you think is a fair price?

img00221 20091019 1303

7 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Here in Germany it would probably cost:

    Kompot ~1,20 EUR
    Soup ~3,20 EUR
    mess on the right ~6,50 EUR

    all together ~10EUR (~40zl)

  2. Where the blazes did you buy this?!

    I think you’d have been better off with a Burger King. Is that extra salt I see on the side as well?
    Admittedly that spinach sauce does look delicious…

  3. Well it cost 19 zl, 5 EUR, half the German price, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

    Yes, salt, pepper and toothpicks. They were free! Got it in that “Wiking” place on level 1. Normally famous for its microwaved and expensive fish but as they were usually empty (still are in fact) they obviously decided to join the 20zl lunch brigade.

  4. in my school canteen almost the same meal would set you back 12,50 zł – it’s not subsidised and anyone can drop in for a lunch – but the staff don’t speak English at all, they communicate with the foreigners either through Polish students who serve as interpreters or the use the sign language.

    In my humble opinion even 12,50 zł is not really reasonable. For 15 zl I managed to eat much more decent lunches in Polish holiday resorts (Karpacz, Szklarska Poręba) this year…

  5. well, Warsaw (still) is the capital city, so comparison with holiday resort will not do.

    anyway scatts, I have my doubts: the chicken looks like previous night leftovers, and this mess on the plate is just too suspicious for me. I spent one summer working as a waitress, and maybe I simply saw too much ;)))

  6. 15 zł.
    In Cracow “Lunch of the Day” goes between 11,90 to 18 zł. The best one is for 14 zł, but the choice of soup or meat is from 12h to max. 3 p.m., though they serve it to 18h.

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