In memorium – kino

The other weekend we tried to keep the kids occupied by going to the cinema with friends who’s son, Frankie, is Zosia’s “significant other”, much to the annoyance of the other boys.

We went to kino “Luna” on Marszalkowska, just down from Plac Zbawiciela, to see an animated Polish film about Copernicus. It was okay but didn’t hold the attention as much as Hanna Montana or Ben 10 would have done. This was the downfall of the “keeping the kids quiet” idea, as attention slipped so did behaviour.

This wouldn’t normally be an issue as we could easily demonstrate how they were annoying others in the kino. Except we were the only people in the kino!

Saturday afternoon “flicks” (English slang for films) were very fashionable when I was a lad and we’d rush out to catch the latest Chaplin movie and when the “talkies” and full colour movies arrived it was even more popular! ;-)

In my day there was no such thing as a multikino. They were single screen, huge places, sweeping staircases, giant foyers, 20,000 seats and the place where the guy used to play the organ still visible but unused. There would be a break half-way through the film (intermission / interval) when people would walk around with kiosks hung around their necks selling ice lollies and the staple diet of cinema-goers, Kia-Ora orange drink. Kia-Ora is Maori for “be well/healthy”, by the way.


Anyway, kino Luna is such a place. Their only nod in the direction of the accountants is to split the place into two screens instead of one but the rest is genuine old-school.

It’s a real shame these places are dying out. Warsaw undoubtedly has more left than your average UK town but for how long? I hope they are able to keep going but the money from six tickets for a prime time Saturday afternoon show is not going to be enough.

What then? Redeveloped into yet another handbag & shoe emporium no doubt. How sad is that!

(Crap thumbnails again, sorry Adam!)


2 thoughts on “In memorium – kino

  1. On my recent trip to PL, I went to 2 different movie theatres: Plac kultury (interesting ambiance) and a multiplex in a large mall.

    The really strange part of the experience was purchasing actual “seat” tickets. Very frustrating to try and decipher the actual seat number in a very dimly lit theatre. What a pain. When I suggested that tickets should be sold without assigned seating, my companions were aghast and said that fights/near riots would likely break out. I don’t understand the problem. Any thoughts?

  2. Basia, it is worthy of a post of its own.

    Very similar to EasyJet’s policy of not allocating seats. Most Poles will kill, maim and disfigure fellow passengers (cinema goers) to make sure that they or their family/friends get the best seats. Don’t ask me why, but this is true.

    The funny thing is that even though seats are allocated, many people still sit in the best seats hoping that the people who have the tickets don’t show up. Of course they do show up, so the bandits move to the next best seats. Then those people turn up and so they move yet again. Why they can’t just sit in their own seats I don’t know!

    It’s a bit of a joke really.

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