As part of our evolving response to the global munch-crunch, my team have been moved within the office and so we now enjoy a new view and new neighbours. Whoopee!

We’re in the posh end now rubbing shoulders with all the movers and shakers and our buzz word for the week is “talent”.

Being in the posh end means we get a view of the PKiN as you can see below.

I also snapped one called “dark clouds on the horizon”, just to cheer you up a bit.


3 thoughts on “Relocated

  1. Quite better view! In the winter, with lights in the darkness warsavian PEKIN looks really like Palace from fairy tale!
    I also first time read with computer translator! Quite funny! Example: “rubbing shoulders with all” translated as “tarcie ramion ze wszystkimi! :D
    “I also snapped one” – ja również warknął jeden, so it must be wolf who snapped! :D Do you produce fairy tale like: “Little Red Hood” or “Three little Pigs” in your company? :D

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