The German government stole my Zippo!

It has been some time since I have been working in Germany, about 13-14 years in fact so it was interesting to be here again this week. Only a 2 day trip but it was to the same cities that I spent most of time in on the previous assignment – Munich and Berlin.

We talk of how Warsaw has changed over the years but I was shocked to see how much greater the changes have been in these already well established cities. In Berlin the whole Potsdamer Platz area just didn’t exist when I was here last and now I’m getting lost in a maze of office buildings and shopping centres.

Similarly in Munich, the ‘new’ airport was first opened during my last stay and whilst being very modern and covering a lot of ground, it was essentially a small airport. It is completely unrecognisable now having grown a second terminal, a few kilometres walk between gates and a fancy outisde square surrounded by offices, hotels and restaurants/bars.

Funnily enough both of the new developments that struck my eye share a feature in common, a huge roof with glass and “sails” effect. Photos below.

Most exciting trivial development is the “Joe 90” heads-up taxi meter. This is housed inside the rear view mirror and gives a clear display for both driver and passenger. Apparently they have been around for 10 years now so my excitement was not shared by the driver!

On to the subject of the post. Airport security really do need to “get their sh*t together”. Here at Munich I encountered repeated bag X-raying followed by head shaking and looks to suggest I am a first class idiot because I had my Zippo lighter in my coat pocket.

I was told it was not allowed on the flight unless I removed all the cotton-wool filling. I explained that Zippos do not react well to being gutted and I may as well just throw it away. Frau Sourpuss insisted. I asked why. She said “Whole EU”. I said “Bull. Berlin didn’t have a problem yesterday and neither did Warsaw.”. She wasn’t shifting her position so the German government now own one used Zippo.

I hate having things stolen from me without good reason. Why can there be no consistent approach to such matters? In Berlin they let the Zippo go but stole my shaving cream. In Munich something different. In Warsaw everything is cool!

It really is time to send a letter to someone important.


2 thoughts on “The German government stole my Zippo!

  1. Although I sympathize with you Scatts never argue with a German. It’s an impossible situation……LOL Maybe something bigger is going on here. The gods telling you to quit smoking. :P

  2. Last spring I flew from Warsaw to Cologne and I must say that the security check in Cologne on the trip back was carried out much more professionally and passenger friendly.

    In Warsaw, I had to take off my shoes and remove the belt before I could finally pass the security gate without it sounding the alarm. I was also barked at by the border guard that I should have been acquainted with the security regulations.

    In Cologne, in contrast, all went very smoothly. No taking off shoes and belt, after going through the security gate, I was just thoroughly checked with a hand scanner. All the security stuff was done by a private company, with two German border guards just watching from the distance.

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