Bamboo baskets

Staying with the oriental food theme – coming soon to Zlote Tarasy, a dim sum paradise! I suppose it will give us another lunch option although I’m not entirely sure how to interpret their tag-line of “We serve you in bamboo baskets”??!!

All sounds a bit Hannibal Lecter to me. Or are the waitresses wearing bamboo baskets?

We’ll find out soon enough.

bali cafe


9 thoughts on “Bamboo baskets

  1. I understood it perfectly. Because english is also not my maternal language! :)

    But I’m curious in how many oriental languages are you good Scatts?

    And why waitresses and not waiters? Old and paternal and discriminative way of thinking!

  2. Chris,

    would you lighten me up a little bit?
    Czy zechcesz mnie oświecić Chris?

    “basket case” – what does it means?

    Some case study, examples, brain storm? ;-)))

  3. MG…basket case is a slang for making one go nuts (crazy) or extremely nervous, hopeless , useless. I think you also want the word enlighten me because lighten up means slang for stop being so serious. enlighten means to acquire knowledge.

    Here is a way to use in a sentence. Woried about her recent test and score, MG was becooming a basket case.

    I used mine to Scatts more as a pun.

  4. Thank you very much Chris!
    You are, like always unfailing and reliable (a little bit of vaseline, but deserved/fair)! :-)
    You are also right with enlighten. Usually I’m writing without dictionary.

    I think I understood, but is “becooming” a slang version from “to became”?

    I remember like once one couple of my americans friends are talking about polish furniture exhibition. I heard “mad furniture” and they were talking “modern furniture”. Finally I decided to ask what they found so mad in our furniture? There were a lot of fun with explanation. :D

  5. Ooops …sorry MG that word was a type O it should have read becoming. (must have typed this before my morning “kava”) there is no such word as becooming :P

    Your friends probably said “Mod” short for modern. Yes lost in translation sometimes. tso ty mowic ….LOL :D

  6. (Po)ranna kawa. :D = Morning coffee
    Co ty mówisz? :D = tso ty mówić? :D (question)
    To, co ty mówisz. = This, what are you saying. (normal sentence)

    First I thought that “tso” – it must be some americanenglish abbreviation! :D
    Next my superMG intelligence start work! ;)

    But: Fly tse tse = mucha tse tse, not mucha c c! :D

    Nice weekend to you Chris. I’m going out of Cracow and in this way I have to stop our net love affair ;) before Scatts kick our asses from his blog! :D

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