Warsaw North Bridge – update



(poor quality but you get the message)

Unfortunately, pBase has crashed and I’m not able to use the gallery for images right now so the sizes will have to be whatever is possible in WordPress. This crash will also mean various images on this blog will be unavailable until it is fixed. They are working on it and have been for three days now so I hope it will be sorted soon and we won’t have lost much/any data.

Back in February I reported on the plans for construction of a new bridge across the Wisła (Vistula) river here in Warsaw. It comes very close to where we live so we’re able to see progress on a daily basis. We decided to take a closer look yesterday.

In the panorama above, the river is straight ahead flowing right to left. The bridge will cross the river roughly centre of the picture where you can just see a pile-driver sticking up (just above the street lamp). If you follow the link back to the earlier post, I’m standing roughly where the yellow blob is.

There have been convoys of large trucks coming and going from the site, as one would expect, removing unwanted earth and rubble and bringing mostly sand. The work is scattered around a fairly large area with bigger levelling and drainage works happening on the land that was already empty and selected columns and supports being erected along Wislostrada and beyond.

pol aqua

Ground levelling


Support columns



Most of these pictures were taken from a footbridge going over the Wisłostrada. As we climbed the steps I couldn’t help but wonder if we were safe doing so looking at the condition they were in.


In need of repair

You might make the case that these have been left to rot for 20 years or so because they were one day to be demolished as part of this bridge project but then if you look around you’ll see that at least 75% of footbridges, bridges and other structures in Warsaw are in the same condition. They only ever get treatment when they are about 10 minutes from total collapse!

The Wisłostrada picture shows just how much care and attention is paid to making the works in the middle of a busy highway safe, visible and tidy – i.e. very little! I’m constantly amazed at how relaxed the attitude is to this. We’ve even had gangs of workers with strimmers wandering all over the central reservation cutting the grass recently while the ‘fast lane’ remained open the whole time. I’m amazed there have not been more accidents.

I’ll try to find my way down to the riverside next time and see what’s going on down there.


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