Congratulations – Aneta & Jamie!!

Wedding day

The happy couple.

You can find more of Sloth Lethe’s great art here –

Not many people know that our very own Jamie (Island1) and his partner in crime, Aneta, are really cartoons but think about it, have you ever seen a photo of them before? Precisely, no you haven’t. That’s because they are very private people who don’t want their personal life splashed all over some tacky blog or another. And who can blame them. I suspect that even fewer of you know that today (yes it is past midnight) is a very special day for them because today’s the day they get married. Whoop-whoop! Man the lifeboats!

Oh yes my friends, as I write these words they rest in some damp Cracovian attic enjoying their last inhalations of that thing we call freedom. They sleep fitfully now to be awoken by the tolling of the church bells drawing them ever closer to that moment when they will both whisper those magic words “I do” or “no, tak, no” depending on the order of service.

I’ve not known Jamie that long nor can I claim to know him that well being as we’ve only ever associated in connection with this blog and as for Aneta, I have met her twice. What is obvious though, even without a great deal of intimate knowledge, is that they are both wonderful individuals who make a great couple and have everything it takes for today to be the beginning of a hugely successful, life-long, partnership.

All the best guys, enjoy the day and everything that follows!

He is the half part of a blessed man
Left to be finished by such as she:
And she a fair divided excellence
Whose fullness of perfection lies in him.



29 thoughts on “Congratulations – Aneta & Jamie!!

  1. Is it the day? OMG:)

    Wszystkiego najlepszego dla młodej pary!

    And btw. it is the perfect time to launch Polandian gossip column and have some cute wedding photos. I’m sure readers will support me:)

  2. Looking forward to seeing a picture / cartoon. Jamie Wishing you the best on this day. I remember meeting you after I had asked advice on attending a Polish wedding in 2007.

  3. this is the day… the named but forgot to tell us about ;)

    best wishes on the occasion of turning over a new leaf.

    oh… it’s half past eight so probably it’s all said and done…

  4. Congratulations! :)

    BUT… I have one reservation. Concerning the picture you used. Did you get the permission from the original artist to use it?

    Sure it’s “just a blog” :) But similar rule to one concerning ‘privacy splashed all over some tacky blog’ applies to drawings (not that your blog is tacky…). These pictures have theirs creators and and many of them aren’t happy if they are randomly used somewhere else. They should be, at least, properly credited.
    I’m sorry for making this quite public, but I’m a wannabe artist myself and I know that this is a big issue.
    Artists take risk by putting their art on the net, but just because pictures are found there, it doesn’t mean that they can be used as we please.
    Such search engines as do increase a chance of finding proper information about images scattered around the Net.

  5. All The Best For You Both…I Hope You Hold Each Other Close In Best Or Bad Times And Have Trust And Faith All The Way.

    Happy Married Life.

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  8. Best ever advise I read for married couples goes like this –

    To keep you marred life brimming with love from the loving cup
    whenever you’re wrong admit it, whenever you’re right shut up.

    Niech zyją nam!

  9. Congrats!

    And aside… pity you didn’t write anything about Witkacy on the 70th anniversary of his suicidal death. If he’s not one of the most interesting Poles ever, I don’t know who is.

  10. You’re a fairly hilarious fucker so I bet the wedding was mighty craic. Gratulację i wszystkiego najlepszego. I just got engaged myself and hoping to get married next July in Warsaw if I manage to get the quare one to realise that Irish people will not come to Poland in April as they will want better weather. Will Poles ever get their heads around the importance Irish put into avoiding SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? I just don’t know

  11. Wszystkiego najlepszego na nowej drodze życia.

    P.S. Why these Mangha type persons BOTH are so female and so candy? I want to vomit! Bleee!

  12. wu/tee,

    Your comment got held up in the approval queue for some reason and I just found it. Sorry.

    You’re quite right and I have now added a link to the artist’s work. My fault, I should have done it before.

    What is incredibly funny is that we’ve only ever had a problem with this once before and that was also a wedding picture!! That was Jamie’s fault though :-)

    When I was looking for an image for this I already had this in the back of my mind and tried hard to find images that appeared to have been made generally available for the public to enjoy. If we’ve made another wedding picture cock-up then we’re happy to remove it although it surely can’t be a bad thing to have more exposure, can it?

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