Polska bialo-czerwoni!!

There was a bomb scare, we think, at our office yesterday and we were not allowed in the building for more than three hours. Rather than go home I decided to hang around and went with Rafal to join the welcome party in Plac Defilad awaiting the arrival of the victorious volleyball team.

We got there at 13:30, they were supposed to arrive at 14:00. We waited until 15:30, nobody arrived so we went back to work. All very exciting, not. Not that we could see anything anyway after they had inflated 36 giant advertising balloons around the stage!!

For anyone that missed it, Poland won the 2009 Men’s European Volleyball Championships beating France in the final on Sunday. They didn’t lose a single match the whole tournament and also had Piotr Gruszka voted MVP.

Compare and contrast the fortunes of the volleyball team with that of the football team who are very unlikely to qualify for the 2010 World Cup as they lie second bottom in their group with only San Marino (with a goal difference of -43) below them. Surrounded by the nonsense politics of whether Beenhakker has a job or not, are they likely to buck their ideas up in time to steal second place?

Easy to understand the difference in fact. When we attended the first parent’s meeting at Zosia’s school recently the only sports being advertised were – volleyball, swimming and chess! (is chess a sport?) Not a mention of football.


7 thoughts on “Polska bialo-czerwoni!!

  1. Years ago when I worked for Met Life, in the building was an IRS office and every year someone called in a bomb scare where we were let ot for the day till it was checked out. (can never assume) I reember once it was while I was having lunch and I stayed to finish it before I left. Now looking back I was thinking, “what was I thinking” in my reaction…what if it was real and I stayed to finish my lunch at my desk. Just made me wonder about how people react to certain situations.

    Is chess a sport…maybe if its a human chess game and requires nimbleness in jumping your pieces. :P (or is that leapfrog).

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  3. Chess is the best for thinking, planning and tactics.
    Volleyball and swimming will make Zosia slim and handsome forever! ;)(Can be girl/woman handsome in english? In polish – can.)

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