A couple of odd things I had laying around.

34 down – “Blood sucking bastard – better off dead”

The reason it’s hard to find seeds for birds in Poland!


7 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. I’m not sure if it is meant for mosquitos but my sister had this neat contraption at her Labor Day BBQ. It looks like a raquet but is electrified. We had fun having the wasps and bees land and zapping them d-e-a-d. The insect must land on the raquet and you have to be fast enough to pull the trigger to fry them….no no they were not on the BBQ menu…hehehehe

  2. I’ve got one of those contraptions and they definitely work on mosquitos and even on midges or fruit flies.

    Can’t say I’ve ever played the game you describe, I just press the buton and wack/ zap any miscreant I feel deserves it.
    Poor Bees! Leave them alone – they’re threatened enough as it is.

    scatts, what is that poor creature on the crossword – a beetle of some sort, not a mosi that’s for sure – a blood sucker you say?

  3. That most certainly is a mosi, my friend. I can’t identify exactly which type but a mosi for sure.

    It is upside down, can you not see the syringe pointing south at the bottom?

    Time to get those new glasses. ;)

  4. downloaded the image, zoomed in and wacked up the fill light/ gamma and can now see why it doesn’t look like a mosi, but is, in fact, a mosi. 8-)

  5. Oh, come on Scatts! Say through that you are too lazy to search for the seeds! Every farmer on the market/targ/plac will sell it to you.

  6. The foto reminds me of my niece. (she doesn’t speak or understand a lick of Polish) For some reason when she is in the company of my mom she loves to say “Grandma, mucha” only she says it with vigor “Mooo Hah” and then laughter. Silly girl (woman as now she is 35…OMG) It must have sounded very funny to her as a child :P

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