A very long and tiring day today but a good one.

The guide book starts with “Florence in two days” and goes up to “Florence in a week” so doing it in half a day was always going to be a challenge! We had already reserved tickets for the Uffizi so it was just a question of what else we could manage to fit in. In the end it was only the inside of the cathedral that we couldn’t do because it closed at five o’clock.

We did all the Davids. The real one in the Accademia, the fake one in the main square and the metal one in Piazzale Michelangiolo where we parked the car. Next post has the David details.

We did the duomo from the outside and the bronze baptistry doors opposite. We did Ponte Vecchio. We did Uffizi. We did everything in between all of those plus a few other bits while trying to find a bus back to the car.

In terms of refreshment we had a €24 drink stop, a €15 ice-lolly stop and that was it.

We then headed out and stopped in San Gimignano for a €100 late dinner, which was superb and to pick up six bottles of the locally produced white wine, Vernaccia at €6 a pop.

Now back at the ranch and ready for another hot night’s sleep. Tomorrow we are going nowhere and doing nothing, thank goodness!

uffizi and arno

One thought on “Florence

  1. oh I’m sorry. You saw all the bits that are most crowded and unbearable in August.
    Best thing about Florence is just wandering around the tiny hidden streets and drinking in the atmosphere… oh and sunset from above Piazzale Michelangelo, if you can bear to walk up there in the heat.

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