The statue of David by Michaelangelo is a bit like Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, not what you’d have at home but something you must see if you’re in town. So we did.

There’s no doubt the real one is better than the others by quite a margin so it is worth visiting the Accademia and paying the €10 each entry fee to see it. I’m surprised, given that one interesting aspect of it is the different facial expression depending on which side you look, that they have it positioned such that it is almost impossible to get a good view of the left profile. Apart from that it is well displayed.
He is not well hung because normal to large tools were considered vulgar back then. His hands and head are disproportionately large because he was originally intended to be placed higher up, from where they would have appeared correct. His arm was broken in some Medici fight and his toes were attacked by a loony with a hammer, but he doesn’t seem to mind all that.

I tried to take a picture with the good camera but the museum police told me it was not allowed. I asked why and she said “State Law!”, so I took a couple with the Blackberry while hiding in a rubbish bin…

Wasn’t the only time I broke the law today either. We didn’t pay for the long bus journey back to the car – couldn’t work out how to buy a ticket. Oh, okay, while we’re at it I also rode the vaporetto in Venice for half a day before validating the €80+ 48hr passes and we broke the speed limit on the highways a few times. Go on, arrest me!

Here are two illegal pictures of David and one legal one. For some reason I didn’t get a Bbry picture of the fake one in the square. I did get some good ones with the Nikon though so you’ll have to wait for the gallery.

david 3


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