Day 14 – Tuscan Lazy

As predicted, a lazy day today. We got in the pool after breakfast, out to greet friends, back in, break for lunch, back in again, out for dinner at seven and just going to bed now.

Good fun was had by all and all got a little too much sun. Hospitality was excellent with good food and wine flowing steadily as we gazed across the Tuscan countryside to the towers of San Gimignano in the near distance.

Tomorrow is a Tuscan tour taking in Siena, a few places beginning with Monte… and Pienza, formerly a small village called Cortignano until Pope Pius II, who was born there, let his vanity get the better of him. Should be an interesting day.

Tuesday will be Florence and all that has to offer. Wednesday perhaps San Gimignano again and a relaxing afternoon before we head homewards on Thursday after breakfast.

Still can’t decide the best route back to Warsaw. The sat-nav suggests that straight north to Berlin and turn right is the fastest. 1,878km and about 18hrs driving but our friends are driving back the way we came down, via Vienna, and hoping to do it in one run. We’re wishing them a safe and fast journey.

I’m tempted by the familiar route but my head thinks the Germany option at least minimises the Polish roads, which will come as a shock after all these interruption free motorways.

Starting to miss our own bed. We’ve slept in a few so far but none as comfortable as our own and what is this Austro-Italian fetish for having one rock-hard pillow?

Anyway, for now, we will not worry ourselves with beds, missing cats, steady bowel movements or familiar things and instead concentrate on finishing the tour!

dinner with friends 2


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