Yeah, okay, it’s 37C with more breeze and less humidity but it is still too damn hot!

Dinner update – €61at a restaurant that “specialised” in deep frying things. They pretended it was like tempura…LOL. But, now here’s the scoop, the waiter was Polish! Well, half Polish on mother’s side. Grandma lives on Anielewicza, Warszawa. Anyway, nice to finally meet someone with Polski jezyk.

I know why he’s here, the Lucca flag is remarkably similar to the Polish one as can be seen in the rubbish bin photo.

Sat-nav did a grand job again. Take it out of Poland and suddenly it’s useful. Even has automatic traffic updates!

Hotel a bit weird but nice. Some converted apartments where the receptionist goes home at 19:00. Oh my! Just had someone knocking on the door asking us to turn down the TV. Walls must be paper thin.

Having just used one for the second time this holiday, I’ve decided I’m in love with rain-drop shower heads.

Lucca is a nice place. Didn’t meet Andrew’s sister though.

Pisa tomorrow and then off to the last hotel for 5 nights.

Night night.

One thought on “Lucca

  1. Great Travelblogue, Scatts. I’ve been following your peregrinations with a mixture of admiration and relief that I’m not doing it. I reckon you’ll (a) need a holiday to get over your holiday,and (b) need to work for a year to recover the outlay.

    We loved Venice, but it was in October, sunny but not oppressive. Even so, I do take your point. Everything went so well for us that we’ll never return, ‘cos it could never be that good twice.

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