Goodbye Bellagio

We’ve well and truly done Bellagio and lake Como so will be glad to get away tomorrow and down to Tuscany.

If you do come here be sure to walk down to Villa Melzi and check out the gardens as well as the small village beyond. Well worth a visit.

We’ve had a lazy day today. A lot of pavement sitting and garden walking. Took a short boat ride to the other side, another villa and garden but that’s about as far as the energy went.

I must say the “traditional” Italian hospitality is not what it used to be, as indeed the Spanish was not last year. I’m sure it’s a cultural thing but this idea of not being allowed to sit at a table for a drink is annoying me. After one garden walk we found a nice place to refresh, it must have had 20 tables outside of which 2 were occupied. We were told to go inside. Inside we sat at one of the 15 empty tables but were told we couldn’t sit there either, we had to stand at the bar, a 2m square rugby scrum in the corner. There’s no way they were likely to fill even 20% of the tables with diners as we were almost the only people there. A stupid and annoying rule to do, I think, with “coperto” (cover charge) that really should be changed.

Have to pay the hotel bill this evening so will be interesting to see what kind of ‘discount’ we get for the room mix-up when we arrived.

Next post from Lucca.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Bellagio

  1. The coperto is going to stay, as it is buried in local (Italian, but not only) tradition. It differentiates the functions of restaurant that is mainly to eat and entertain, from that of bar that is to drink with little or no food at all.
    It is like in US restaurants, you must be served a free glass of water. But not in bars.
    In Bellagio and elsewhere in Italy there are plenty of spots you can buy water and sip it on a bench or while walking. The boat that brought you there offers cold drinks and some bad food to consume on-board.

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